How do I get to GrimHex? | Fastest Way To GrimHex From Por Olisar

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Update: Please note the original article was from before Quantum Travel. Grimhex as of 3.0 is available to all players to visit freely.

Getting To Grim Hex With Quantum Travel

1. Quantum To Yela

Grim Hex asteroid base is located in the Yela asteroid field. Your first step is to Quantum Travel to Yela if you're not already there.

Quantum To Yela

There are a few ways to get to GrimHex. If you have a wanted rating you can simply spawn at GrimHex once you die. Alternatively, if you have a wanted rating you will also see GrimHex in your quantum travel options as a destination.


If you do not want a wanted level and would like to travel to GrimHex the easiest way to get there from Port Olisar is to quantum travel to the ICC probe and then quantum travel to Yela. When you arrive at Yela you will be facing the moon, simply turn to the ring of asteroids to the right and from there head straight towards a dense pack of asteroids and keep navigating through the asteroids straight ahead to reach GrimHex.


Step 1 Quantum travel from Port Olisar to the ICC Probe
Step 2 From the ICC Probe quantum travel to Yela asteroid field.
Step 3 At Yela asteroid field fly towards a dense collection of asteroids which is to the right of Yela Moon (see images below).


When you get to Yela from ICC Probe the dense asteroid field with GrimHex is to the right.

Continue flying towards the densely packed asteroids for several minutes (depending on your ship's cruise speed)

Looking to get from Port Olisar to GrimHex? Find out how without a Crimestat rating.

For details on how to get to GrimHex please watch this video from BoredGamer (More great vids from BoredGamer available here:


Finding Grimhex Made Easy (by STLYoungblood)

Another method to get to GrimHex in under 1 minute from Port Olisar (Video from Admiral Khaaan)