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Page last updated July 15th 2020

The Aegis Reclaimer

Ship Description (source):

A dedicated salvage and reclamation platform, the Reclaimer is the perfect ship for venturing into the ‘Verse in search of riches and secrets.

This article covers the Aegis Dynamics Reclaimer and contains conceptual, speculative and already-in-game information.

Aegis Reclaimer Recent Video

Aegis Reclaimer Quick Factsheet

Original Sale DateSeptember 2014
Concept Sale Price$350
Max Crew5
Length155 meters
RoleHeavy Salvage
Official PageAegis Reclaimer

The Aegis Reclaimer Detailed Description

The Aegis Reclaimer is ship that lets you create your own story of reclamation, exploration and / or rescue. It is ideal for large scale operations both in known or unknown territory. This ship features many turret, drone and special equipment options that allow it to be outfitted for various roles. This article covers the main roles of the Reclaimer.

Who needs the Aegis Reclaimer?

The Reclaimer is a large and industrial ship ideal for the following operations for teams of about 5 crew:

  • Salvage & Reclamation
  • Rescue
  • Exploration

Aegis Reclaimer Quick Features

The Reclaimer comes with many standard capabilities and also offers many customization options:

  • Massive Multi-Tool Arm
  • Reclamation Equipment
  • Multi-Use Hardpoints (For guns, missile batteries, additional tractor beams, floodlights, scanners or other salvage-specific options)
  • Surveyor Class Drones
  • Deployable Manned EVA / Recovery Cutter*
  • Max Crew Size: 5 Crew
  • Reinforced Cargo Bay
  • Industrial Salvage Grinder
  • Scrap Metal Storage

*Note: The "Cutter" was mentioned recently (December 2018).

How Much Cargo Can The Reclaimer Transport?

The Reclaimer is listed as having a cargo capacity of 180 SCU. Since this information is subject to change, please check for the most up to date information on the official Reclaimer page.

The 180 SCU listed cargo space is only for the Reclaimer cargo hold storage and does not include the salvage rooms.

The Reclaimer's cargo hold is located at the back of the ship. Read below regarding specifics of the Reclaimer cargo and ramp.


Ships with less dedicated cargo space include:


Ships with more cargo space include:



Does The Reclaimer Have Drones?

The Reclaimer has a drone bay capable of storing and configuring 4 drones. Two drone operator seats control the 4 drones. Source

The image below taken from Alpha 3.4.3 shows the drone bay in the Reclaimer and the view of the 2 drone operator seats.

What is the Manned "Cutter" that comes with the reclaimer?

The Reclaimer comes with a player-operated cutter vehicle that could detach from the Reclaimer and be deployed in salvage operations to chop up ships into smaller pieces.

From the Reclaimer Concept Sale: "Additionally, it includes a manned cutter which may be deployed for EVA/recovery operations. We intend the game’s salvage mechanic to include a ‘search and recovery’ function in which players will exit their spacecraft in suits and maneuvering units to explore wreckage. Pocket spacecraft like the cutter will carry tools and supplies and transport recovered artifacts back aboard ship." Source

Reclaimer Cargo Elevator Information

The Reclaimer has a cargo loading elevator. The Reclaimer elevator is currently too small to be used effectively as a vehicle elevator.

Aegis Reclaimer Video Previews

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Aegis Reclaimer
Reclaimer Bridge
Grinder Room
Reclaimer Wireframe