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Star Citizen Resources

Whenever useful resources are found around the web relating to Star Citizen they will be added to this Star Citizen resources page. A collection of some rare and very important Star Citizen tools and resources. This list is compiled completely for free to resources that are useful for Star Citizen. Every tool on this list is free to use, just like this website. If any of these tools or resources become paid in the future they will be removed from this page.

This page is divided into these sections:

Alpha 3.10 Tools & Resources

Alpha 3.10 Paint Job Locator

Table where to find available Paint jobs for your ship in Alpha 3.10. Created by the community.

Alpha 3.10 Tools & Resources

Star Citizen Trading Apps

Alpha 3.10 Trading

Trading apps working in Alpha 3.10. Note that none of the apps show buying / selling supply / demand.


Alpha 3.10 Item Finder

Universal Item Finder by Deep Space Crew:

Alpha 3.10 Mining Guide

Alpha 3.10 In Game Ship Sales & Rental Prices

Check Alpha.3.10 ships for sale and rental locations ->

Alpha 3.10 Klescher Prison Map

Alpha 3.9 Sunset Calculator

Find out when planets or moons have daytime and nighttime.  ->

General Star Citizen Tools, Resources and Relevant Sites

Astrolabe (exploration utility app) - New in 2020!

Save your Star Citizen coordinate locations to go back to them easier than before! Ideal app for explorers and "shrewd" traders. (desktop) (mobile - experimental)

Keep track of your favorite Star Citizen map locations. This app currently works best on moons and has been tested by SCFOCUS as working in Alpha 3.9.1.

Build Your Fleet in Images! - Starlship 42 - Design your fleet with many tools to choose from! Save the images you make. Superb must check out Star Citizen tool.

Star Citizen Ship Size Comparison March 2020

Amazing work again by Redditor YT-O. Click to go to the original full size image.

Star Citizen Gaming Screenshots: Mr. Hasgaha

Stunning Star Citizen in-game screenshots by the amazing Mr. Hasgaha. Available on

Mining Resources

STAR CITIZEN: The Ultimate Mining Guide by Space by Space4Games. Available in English and German. A great place for starting players to get a comprehensive introduction.

Galactic Logistics provide mining charts and more info:

Star Citizen Guild / Clan / Org - Grouping Resources

Resources that make grouping easier or that help players coordinate.


Teamspeak - Probably still the best tool for hierarchical organization communication and coordination.


Star Citizen Alpha Account Balance Reset History

Next Estimated Wipe - Unknown
Alpha 3.10 - August 6th 2020 (No wipe). Players kept aUEC and some purchased ships and items. 7 months without balance reset.
Alpha 3.9 - April 29th 2020 (No wipe). Players kept aUEC and purchased ships and items. This marks 3 months without balance reset.
**Next Estimated Wipe - February 2020 Alpha 3.8.2 (2-4 weeks grind estimated) - This wipe did not happen due to the 1st iteration of Persistence
Alpha 3.8.1 - January 24th 2020 (4 weeks grind from previous reset)
Alpha 3.8* - December 23rd 2019 (2 months grind from previous reset)
Alpha 3.7.1 - October 26th 2019 (2 weeks grind from previous reset)
Alpha 3.7 - October 11th 2019 (5 weeks grind from previous reset)
Alpha 3.6.2 - September 6th 2019 (4 weeks grind from previous reset)
Alpha 3.6.1 - 8th August 2019 (3 weeks grind from previous reset)
Alpha 3.6 - 19th July 201 (6 weeks grind from previous reset)
Alpha 3.5.1 - 3rd June 2019 (6 weeks grind from previous reset)
Alpha 3.5 - 18th April 2019 (3 months grind from previous reset)
* Note for Alpha 3.8 - This patch brought in new starting money rules effectively reducing what playtesters start with each patch. Additionally, an interim patch, Alpha 3.7.2 did not have a balance rest.

**Star Citizen Alpha 3.8.2 introduced the first implementation of persistence. Player account resets will happen more sporadically going forward. Additionally, players have the option to wipe their own account if needed.

Star Citizen Telemetry Data

Finally an official tool where testers can check their system specifications and compare them with others. Wonder no more about where your rig will lie in terms of the FPS playing field.

Official Star Citizen Telemetry Data

Star Citizen DPS Calculator

Star Citizen DPS Calculator. Ship and weapon stats and damage simluator.

Star Citizen & Squadron 42 Feature Completion Tracker - FOCUS

Star Citizen & Squadron 42 Feature Completion Tracker - Our very own method of tracking progress for both games

Star Citizen Development Progress Tracker (unnofficial) - Github

Star Citizen Tracker - A project on Github that tracks the progress of goals in Star Citizen.

Star Citizen Roadmap Tracker

Roadmap Analytics Tool with better overview for big changes than the official Roadmap.

RSI Companion

Google Chrome App (also for Firefox but SC FOCUS could not get that version working).

RSI Companion

This Star Citizen Web Browser App allows you to:

Spectrum: Show CIG threads and notification (on threads replies but also new chat message or friend invite)
Ships: View and search ships and shows an overview of your hanger and your In-Game ships (including loaners)
Buy Back: View and Search all your buy back pledges in one place
Contacts: Manage your contacts and copy them over to the PTU
Organizations: View and follow organization members
Roadmap: View the latest info on the roadmaps for Star Citizen & Squadron 42 (including difference from previous week)
Comm-Link: Get the latest news from RSI website

In order to use the application, you need to have an RSI account and be connected on RSI website.


Star Citizen Most Popular Ships and In Game Stats

Released stats from RSI for January to October 2019

  • Most Flown Ships Stats
  • Percent Time Spent At Locations
  • Total Playtime
  • Most Lethal Weapons
  • Total Kills By Ship Stats


Check out the player in game statistics for 2019 (January to October) ->

Components, Items, Ship Info & More

Galactic Logistics -

Component Information - NEW! Unpacked Star Citizen ship, shop, commodity and item information. - Find Star Citizen Ship Hardpoint information.

Extracting Game Files

Python Framework for SC Data - New in 2020! (Original source Reddit)

Ship Information - - Your database for all information about ships. Mobile and PC friendly. Many ship pictures. Great site.

Star Citizen Ship Loaner Matrix

Bought a ship that isn't out yet or doesn't work? Check what Loaner Ships you have. Official Star Citizen Loaner Matrix.

Star Citizen Racing League

Star Citizen Racing League -

Season 2050 is about to start (2020)

Daymar Rally 2950 (2020)

The Daymar Rally is an epic, grueling and annual event that takes place on one of the moons around Crusader in Stanton system. Who will win this year? -

Organization Stats - - Quickly and simply browse org statistics. View top orgs by growth or membership. Filter orgs by type. This is a useful tool for anyone looking for fast and easy Star Citizen org info.

Organization Tools - Organize your Org! - Tools for organizing your guild or clan for events. Upload your ships and share them with your org members.

10 For The Chariman Transcripts and other Q & A (dead link)- A full archive of transcripts from Star Citizen Q & A sessions. Includes the functions to search via keywords, date range and more. Update May 2019 - This website appears to have stopped working.

List of useful Youtube resources for Star Citizen

Morphologis - An architect reviews Star Citizen.

TheNoobifier1337 - Excellent videos about Star Citizen.

RSI - Official Star Citizen Channel.

BoredGamer - Lots of great videos about ships, updates and how-tos.

Terallian - Fan made Star Citizen machinima, videos, short movies and ship designs. Update: Terallian has been hired by CIG so perhaps the channel may go away.

Tactical Advance - Star Citizen guides & videos.

Utho Riley - Legendary Star Citizen Music. This talented musician has been composing one fan song for Star Citizen every week for years. An absolute must see!

Star Citizen Fan Made Music

Utho Riley - Legendary Star Citizen Music. This talented musician has been composing one fan song for Star Citizen every week for years. An absolute must see!

Leave Some For The Rest Of Us

Fan Kit from RSI

RSI provide a Fan Kit with the Star Citizen Font and Logos. See the Fan Kit page here (This Fan Kit has since been replaced with the one below):

The original Fan Kit included:

  • High-Res Moscow Concept Wallpaper (rescalable)
  • High-Res Tyrol Concept Wallpaper (rescalable)
  • 4 Squadron 42 Wallpapers
  • Aurora Brochure
  • Jump Point Issue #1
  • RSI Logos in color and b/w
  • Squadron 42 logo
  • Star Citizen Logo
  • Orbitron font

New Fankit / Fandom - Official!

RSI now provide a new Fankit Fandom for players (must log in to access) -

Jump Point Magazine Collections

List of mirrors where you can find the Jump Point Magazine historical PDFs.

Sith'ari Jump Point Magazine Links

Pastebin Jump Point Magazine Links to RSI

Star Citizen Ship Trading on Reddit - The Best Star Citizen Trading Tool for Reddit for people buying and selling ships.

Star Citizen Ship Buying & Selling

Reddit Star Citizen Trades

Star Hangar - The place to buy and sell Star Citizen ships

Space Foundry - New place to buy and sell Star Citizen ships

Scam Warnings

Star Citizen Podcasts & Shows

Our compiled list of Star Citizen Podcasts and Shows -

Star Citizen Beginner Guides & Resources - Star Citizen Account Creation & Pledge Guide