Star Citizen Loaned Ships Alpha 2.0 / 2.1+

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Loaner Ships For Alpha 3.0 & 3.0.1 Click Here



RSI have released an updated list of Loaner ships for 2.0. Click here to see the full list.


Why do I have a Constellation Andromeda and a P-52 Merlin in my list but not in my hangar?

If you purchased a ship that is not yet flight ready you will be loaned a ship in Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 onward until your ship is flyable. If the ship you have that is not flight ready, depending on your ship, then you will have a Constellation Andromeda and its corresponding P-52 Merlin to use at Port Olisar.


Note that the loaned ships will not appear in your hangar.


Ship loans:

Retaliator Base -> Retaliator with Torpedos
P-72 Archimedes -> P-52 Merlin
Cutlass Red or Cutlass Blue -> Cutlass Black
Vanguard, Sabre, Reliant, Herald, Xian Scout -> F7C Hornet
All other ships from Hull A to Javelin: Constellation Andromeda & P-52 Merlin


Update: 6th January 2016


RSI have released an update on loaned ships. Text from the RSI website official thread follows:


“With 2.0, we’re revising the matrix to be as simple as possible. All unflyable multi-crew ships will be given an Andromeda as the loaner, and all unflyable single-seaters will be given a Hornet. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but that’s the basic rule going forward. This is currently in effect on the PTU, and will go into effect on LIVE servers when 2.0 arrives.

Below is the definitive list of loaners for Star Citizen Alpha 2.0.”

List of loaner ships in 2.0 from RSI

Once the ship you have purchased is flight ready (flyable) you will lose the loaned ship as an option but you will be able to fly your ship instead.


A special thank you to BoredGamer for his Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Tutorial. Please check it out here: