Star Citizen Minigames on RSI Website & Fan Made

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Here is a list of minigames based in the Star Cizen universe. 3 of 5 of these minigames have been released on the RSI website.


Dragonflying is a fun, fan made game where the player controls a Dragonfly. This game is made by fans.

Star Citizen minigames released by Roberts Space Industries:

Star Citizen minigame released by Test Squadron


Released on April 21st 2017

Dragonflying is a fun, fan made game where the player controls a Dragonfly. This game is made by fans. A really great game for fans of the Drake Dragonfly.

Click here --> to play Dragonflying

Into the Unknown: A Carrack & Her Crew

Released on February 26th 2015

In this minigame you take the helm of a Carrack on an exploration mission. A text based minigame aimed at giving you a glimpse of how your decisions in Star Citizen can have epic or severe consequences.

Click here --> to play A Carrack & Her Crew

Orion Vault : A Loan in the 'Verse

Released: November 28th 2014

Orion Vault: A Loan in the Verse is a challenging mining text-based minigame. You start off on an Orion mining mission that is 600,000 UEC in debt and need to pay off your loan. Let's hope none of us accrue a 600K UEC debt in the real Star Citizen game!

Click here --> to play A Loan In The 'Verse

Hyper Vanguard Force IV

Released: May 9th 2015

This minigame like Space Invaders is both fun and challenging! Play through 3 missions and upgrade your ship and weapons as you go!

Click here --> to play Hyper Vanguard Force

Apollo To The Rescue

This game is all about evading and rescuing! A preview of the RSI Apollo.

Click here --> to play Apollo To The Rescue

Aurora Crash

Rumor has it that if you beat this game you're overqualified as a Test Squadron Aurora pilot.

Click here --> to play Aurora Crash

Mission To Hadrian

The Aegis Nautilus Mine Laying concept sale was launched with the Mission To Hadrian minigame available to Star Citizens with existing accounts. Unlike the above minigames this one is not available all the time.

The minigame involves multiplayer action of a type of mine sweeper - mine layer gameplay heads-up.