Ship Insurance – Star Citizen

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Disclaimer: The information in this article encompasses some of what has been discussed / considered so far by CIG. This information is subject to change without notice as the game continues development. How does insurance work in Star Citizen? What is Lifetime Insurance (LTI)? How do I get Lifetime Insurance on my ships? Can I get LTI for my Star … Continued

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.3 Key Bindings | Commands | Controls

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Useful Controls For Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.3: Star Marine Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.3 controls have yet again changed significantly since 2.5. Alpha 2.6 brings the fabled Star Marine FPS simulation as well as significant changes to the flight model. All controls and key settings can be found in game by accessing your options menu and looking for the Key Bindings … Continued

Jobs & Professions In Star Citizen

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Star Citizen Occupations List The Star Citizen universe is scheduled to have a massive economy that is living and breathing. “Star Citizen is, at its heart, a vast living world that combines a remarkably detailed space combat simulation with an equally in-depth model of the economy of a star-spanning empire.” – From the Star Citizen Economy   With such a … Continued

What is the best ship in Star Citizen?

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Best Ships in Star Citizen By Class Want to know what the best Star Citizen ships are? Star Citizen is a universe of a game – literally – as such, the intricacies of the different ships are very complex and most of the time there simply is not a best ship – certainly not a meta ship that beats every … Continued

Mustang Alpha VS Aurora MR – Which One Should I Buy?

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VS Need to know what starter package is better between the Aurora MR and the Mustang Alpha? Currently the only affordable options for combo packages (that come with both Star Citizen and Squadron 42) are the Aurora MR and the Mustang Alpha. While the ship packages are identically priced there are many difference between the ships themselves. This article will … Continued

Star Citizen Minigames on RSI Website

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Here is a list of minigames based in the Star Cizen universe. 3 of 5 of these minigames have been released on the RSI website.    NEW April 2017: Dragonflying Dragonflying Dragonflying is a fun, fan made game where the player controls a Dragonfly. This game is made by fans. Star Citizen minigames released by Roberts Space Industries: Into the … Continued

Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 Key Bindings | Commands | Controls

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UPDATE: 2.6 KEY BINDINGS AND COMMANDS CLICK HERE! Useful commands for Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 is now LIVE and available to all backers with a game package. Alpha 2.5 brings with it a new base called GrimHex located in Yela asteroid field. Note: The key bindings (controls & commands) have been again changed for this patch … Continued

A MMO Like Wing Commander, Privateer and Freelancer

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Wing Commander featured a universe that was incredibly well crafted along with a real sense of achievement and offered a glimpse of what space ship combat may be like. Star Citizen brings Chris Roberts’ original vision to modernity with incredible graphics that look like cut scenes and a living, breathing universe full of life and stories. If you were a … Continued

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