Getting Started With Star Citizen Part 1 – Creating an Account

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This post is Part 1 of a 3 part series dedicated to people who want to get started with Star Citizen but don't know where to begin.
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Part 1 - Create a player account

Whether you have decided to buy star citizen or not, you can create a player account for free and even play for free during special “free fly” weekends and events.

By creating an account with this Referral Code (STAR-H3MY-F5SH) you will receive 5000 free UEC starting credits when the game launches if you ever end up buying a game package for Star Citizen.

Click here to create an account and enlist free (note you will need to purchase a game package to play the game unless there is a free fly event).

What is Star Citizen?

If you're completely new this recent official video will give you a brief summary.


  • Massively Multiplayer Universe
  • Set in the future
  • Multiple game modes
  • In active development

Can my computer run star citizen?

Currently, since the game is still in Alpha development it is difficult to know how well it will run on your computer if at all. The best test for this is to create an account and then wait for a free fly event to play the game for free during a limited time and test if your computer handles the game.

The performance of the public universe can be heavily impacted by unoptimized servers as well as bugs. Remember, there are currently hundreds of people working on building the game so there will be many issues along the way that will appear (and could reappear).

Additionally, Roberts Space Industries provide an official Telemetry Page where you can check how other testers' specs are performing.

Just remember, if you have not yet committed to Star Citizen you can sign up for an account now for free and then purchase both the computer and the game at a later date.

Finally, please read our What Do I Need To Play Star Citizen info page.

Star Citizen System Requirements

Star Citizen is currently in Alpha testing. This means that they are building the game at the same time as it can be played. As the game evolves, so too, do the system requirements. The following requirements should give an idea of the type of computer hardware necessary to run Star Citizen as playable as possible given the current server conditions.


SCFOCUS.ORG Recommended Star Citizen System Requirements to run the game comfortably for the time being:

  • Processor -> i7
  • Graphics Card -> Nvidia 1070
  • RAM -> 16GB
  • Hard Drive -> SSD with at least 92GB of space available


At the current time of writing, 8GB RAM is no longer sufficient to run the game smoothly (when servers allow). Therefore 16GB RAM is the minimum we recommend, perhaps 32GB being the future-proof bet. Additionally, an SSD is essential as loading times at startup and switching between game modes can be long.

Official PC requirements to run Star Citizen can be found on the RSI website at the Star Citizen page here ->

Check your specs

RSI provide official telemetry data from tester averages. See where your computer could stack up before you download and install. View the official telemetry data here.

Squadron 42 System Requirements

Squadron 42, being the single player game, will likely have slightly lower system requirements than Star Citizen which is an MMO.

Squadron 42 System Requirements:

  • Processor -> i7
  • Graphics Card -> Nvidia 1070
  • RAM -> 16GB
  • Hard Drive -> SSD

Official PC requirements to run Squadron 42 can be found on the RSI website at the Squadron 42 page here ->

Below we can see the status of the Squadron 42 requirements as they appeared on the RSI website in February 2018:

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