SC Focus is a casual community of Star Citizen players who like:

Explore the universe with us

"To boldly go where no one has gone before." We will be pioneers in the Star Citizen Persistent Universe.

Exploration Objectives:

  • Participating in the Ark StarMap research program. For more information about the StarMap Galactopedia research Program click here
  • Creating our own database of points of interest in The Verse and strategies
  • Discovering new worlds and sources of resources
  • Space archaeology and first encounters with alien races

Scientific Research

Join us in exploring the stars! Exploration, like all things Star Citizen, will require organised teamwork to produce the most satisfying (and rewarding) experience.

Our current fleet includes a MISC Endeavour discovery class and a telescope array. We especially look forward to exploring deep space and discovering new things in the Verse. Join us on our quest to be immortalized in the Ark Star Map.

Medical Research & Support

From space surgery to advanced bionic implants we are looking to gather information and experienced crew for a multitude of missions. SC Focus will be pushing the frontier of what's scientifically possible in Star Citizen.

Healing and revival services are crucial to any fleet. Keeping our explorers out in space for longer periods of time requires tactical medical support. Our fleet will provide medical services to players around the Verse.

Intelligence Gathering

Information is valuable in the Verse and our research and exploration missions will be critical in expanding the universal database. Some information will be sold, other information will be shared and some information will be kept exclusively available to members in the organisation.

Exploration is key to finding new undiscovered systems, planets, asteroids, comets, resources, archaeological ruins, and much more. Team up with us in the adventure.