Star Citizen 2.2 Update – New Features List

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Updated: 7th March 2016 2.2 Live! is now available to all backers. For more information about invitation waves for testers visit the Invite Wave FAQ on the RSI forums.   Patch notes for 2.2 available here   Commands can be found here   Key releases in Star Citizen 2.2 Aegis Sabre is now flyable The Xi’An Scout (Xi’an Khartu-Al) is … Continued

Star Citizen Loaned Ships Alpha 2.0 / 2.1+

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Loaner Ships For Alpha 2.4 & 2.4.1 Click Here     RSI have released an updated list of Loaner ships for 2.0. Click here to see the full list.   Why do I have a Constellation Andromeda and a P-52 Merlin in my list but not in my hangar? If you purchased a ship that is not yet flight ready … Continued

Star Citizen 2.0 & 2.1 Commands December 2015

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UPDATE: 2.5 KEY BINDINGS AND COMMANDS CLICK HERE! Useful commands for Star Citizen 2.0 (baby PU) Updated: 12th December, 2015   On Foot Commands In Flight Commands On Foot Commands MobiGlass Augmented Reality: F9 (Missions, stats, points of interest, etc…)   Augmented Reality Hud: F10 (Player names, cross hair for shooting from hip)   Open Contacts List: F11   Chat: … Continued

Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Emotes December 2015

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This is the list of Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 emotes as of December 2015:   [columns] [span4] /agree /angry1 /angry2 /angry3 /attention /blah1 /blah2 /bored1 /bored2 /bow1 /bow2 /bow3 /bow4 /bow5 /bow6 /burp /cheer1 /cheer2 /cheer3 /cheer4 /cheer5 /cheer6 /cheer7 /cheer8 /chicken /clap1 /clap2 /clap3 /clap4 [/span4][span4] /come1 /come2 /come3 /come4 /cry /dance1 /dance2 /dance3 /dance4 /dance5 /dance6 /failure /flex1 … Continued

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