Pros & Cons of Star Citizen Alpha Stage Backing

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This article lists many of the popular pros and cons about Star Citizen – the massively multiplayer game. This information comes from many sources and contains speculation. Interested readers should always compare and cross reference. Not only is Star Citizen … Continued

Star Citizen 2.0 & 2.1 Commands December 2015

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Useful commands for Star Citizen 2.0 (baby PU) Updated: 12th December, 2015   On Foot Commands In Flight Commands On Foot Commands MobiGlass Augmented Reality: F9 (Missions, stats, points of interest, etc…)   Augmented Reality Hud: F10 (Player names, cross … Continued

Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Emotes December 2015

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This is the list of Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 emotes as of December 2015:   /agree /angry1 /angry2 /angry3 /attention /blah1 /blah2 /bored1 /bored2 /bow1 /bow2 /bow3 /bow4 /bow5 /bow6 /burp /cheer1 /cheer2 /cheer3 /cheer4 /cheer5 /cheer6 /cheer7 /cheer8 /chicken … Continued