Carrack – Anvil Carrack Ship Information

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The Carrack from Anvil Aerospace is the most coveted exploration ship in Star Citizen. This ship allows Star Citizens to live out their exploration fantasies to the fullest. The Carrack offers many desirable features as: Hangar bay for snub Rover … Continued

Mantis – RSI Mantis Ship Information

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The Mantis by Roberts Space Industries is the first Quantum Enforcement ship. It was also released with Alpha 3.7 as flight ready with Quantum Enforcement and Interdiction playable. Beautiful and highly specialized, the Mantis is a small ship capable of … Continued

ARGO SRV – ARGO SRV Ship Information

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The ARGO SRV is a single crew dedicated tug ship capable of moving containers and ships. The ARGO SRV features a roomy interior to transport stranded pilots comfortably.

Arrow – Anvil Arrow Ship Information

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Page Updated 10th December 2019 The Arrow is a light fighter with a sleek design capable of excellent agility in and out of atmosphere. Best suited for starting combat pilots this ship is maneuverable and features the toughness associated with … Continued

Apollo – RSI Apollo Ship Information

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Designed for rapid response and medevac operations, the Apollo from RSI has been the industry standard for over two centuries. It’s possible for this ship to act as a spawn point depending on configuration.   Variants Apollo Triage Apollo Medivac