Star Citizen Music Videos

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This is an edited list of Star Citizen music videos made by the community with footage filmed in game. Whenever a music video is found that – based on arbitrary criteria is deemed to be good – it is added … Continued

Best Trailers Star Citizen

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This page is kept to help find and archive an edited list of the best Star Citizen Trailers. You can also see our page on Star Citizen Machinima & Fan Made Movies which offers in game and fan made movies … Continued

Arrow – Anvil Arrow Ship Information

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Page Updated 10th December 2019 The Arrow is a light fighter with a sleek design capable of excellent agility in and out of atmosphere. Best suited for starting combat pilots this ship is maneuverable and features the toughness associated with … Continued

CitizenCon 2948 (2018) Videos And Presentations

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Official Schedule Page October 10th saw CitizenCon 2948 in Austin Texas take Star Citizen to new levels of hype. Here are all the videos on the panels and presentations we could find. Speaker: Chris Roberts Summary: Chris Roberts showcases Hurston … Continued