Mustang Alpha VS Aurora MR – Which One Should I Buy?

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Updated: 19th November 2017


Need to know what starter package is better between the Aurora MR and the Mustang Alpha? Currently the most affordable options for combo packages (that come with both Star Citizen and Squadron 42) are the Aurora MR and the Mustang Alpha. While the ship packages are identically priced there are many difference between the ships themselves. This article will help you decide which ship suits your game style and objectives best.

Engines & Speed

Primary Engines

The Aurora MR has one size Small main thruster while the Mustang Alpha can have two main thrusters of the same size. This makes the Mustang Alpha a theoretically faster ship.

Top Speed

SCM: Aurora MR 155 m/s vs Mustang Alpha 200 m/s
Afterburner: Aurora MR 1,212 m/s vs Mustang Alpha 1,160 m/s

The Mustang Alpha is a significantly faster ship at combat speed but the Aurora seems to be slightly faster in afterburn. While this information is subject to balance changes, on paper the Mustang Alpha seems to have the speed and engine advantage.

Winner: Mustang Alpha

Power Plant

Prior to the ship stat update on the RSI website, there were some differences in the power plants between the two ships. Currently this seems like they have been adapted to have similar maximum specifications.

Winner: Draw


Ship weapons are an important part of the game. The universe can be very perilous and having bigger guns helps.

The Aurora MR comes with 2x size 2 Fixed weapon mounts while the Mustang Alpha comes with 2x size 1 weapons but also with an unmanned turret which comes with 2x size 1 weapons for a total of 4 x size 1 weapons.

This means that in terms of firepower the Aurora MR has bigger guns but the Mustang Alpha has more of them.

Winner: Draw



The Aurora MR comes with a pylon mount size 2 for missiles while the Mustang Alpha has no missile mounts. This gives the Aurora MR the ability to carry 1x size 2 missile or 2x size 1 missiles.

Winner: Aurora MR



Shields are also extremely important and both ships come with 1x size 1 shields but have capacity for 1x size 2 shields to be mounted. This means that the ships are tied in terms of shield capacity.

Winner: Draw


The Aurora MR is very tanky and sacrifices speed and maneuverability for stronger armor. The stylish Mustang Alpha is built with “ultralight alloys” and therefore sacrifices armor for additional speed and maneuverability.

Winner: Aurora MR


Are you planning on being a space trader? It’s important to note that the Aurora MR comes with a small amount of cargo capacity at 6 units.

The new Mustang alpha comes with a retractable interior cargo storage capable of holding 4 units of cargo.

Winner: Aurora MR

Special Equipment

There are many types of additional equipment that can be added to ships in star citizen and it is currently unconfirmed exactly what they will be.

The additional equipment mount for the Aurora MR is stated as having the Stor-All mini as additional equipment while the Mustang Alpha does not list any special equipment in the technical spec. However, it appears that both ships may have some ability to be configured in some way being able to exchange storage for something else.

Winner: Draw

Jump Drive

While both ships can equip a jump drive, neither of the two comes with a jump drive equipped as standard.

Winner: Draw

Conclusion: What Starter Ship Is Better Aurora MR vs Mustang Alpha?

If we tally the above we get:

  • Engines & Speed: Mustang Alpha
  • Power Plant: Mustang Alpha
  • Weapons: Draw
  • Missiles: Aurora MR
  • Armor: Aurora MR
  • Cargo: Aurora MR
  • Special Equipment: Draw
  • Jump Drive: Draw

The Aurora MR wins 3 to 2 vs the Mustang Alpha. If you want a fast ship to dart around the verse then the Mustang Alpha is a better choice. If you want something slower but with slightly more cargo and a bit more capable of defending itself then the Aurora MR is your ship. It’s worth noting that the Mustang Alpha is worth $5 more if you plan on upgrading a ship before beta via a cross chassis upgrade on the RSI website.

Also, both the Aurora MR package and the Mustang Alpha package come with starting in game currency of 1000 UEC. If you create an account using this referral code: STAR-J4TZ-56SX before you purchase you can get an additional 5000 UEC starting currency with any game package.

Aurora Commercial

Mustang Commercial

Other game packages above the Starter Ships start from about $75* for the Avenger Stalker and come with Star Citizen but not Squadron 42.

Options include:

Avenger Stalker Package $75*
Cutlass Black: $115*
Hornet F7C: $125*
Freelancer: 125*
Constellation Andromeda: $275*

*prices do not include VAT and are taken at the time of writing this article.

Please note that purchasing a game package with a ship more expensive than the Starter packages does not make a better gaming experience. The game is intended to be played by starting from the “starter” ships and working your way up (a la GTA).

Also note there are game packages that cost $1000+ and these do include both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 as well as many ships in the package.

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