Making Money Easily – Star Citizen Money Guide

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How to make money in Star Citizen the easy way

This guide is aimed for starting players looking to easily make money in Star Citizen. It is broken down primarily by ship.

Valid up to Alpha 3.10


This guide does not take into consideration bugs from patches which might interfere with certain ships ability to earn an easy income by the methods discussed in this guide. This guide assumes "normal" ship operability and average Persistent Universe stability.

Making Money (aUEC) Without A Ship

There are a several possible ways players can make money without having access to a ship in Star Citizen. Some ships in Star Citizen do not have quantum drives making them almost as effective as not having a ship when it comes to money making in Star Citizen Alpha. These money making methods apply to players who cannot quantum but still need to earn money in Star Citizen Alpha.

Ask to take part in shared missions

The easiest way to make Star Citizen currency in game is to ask players in the chat to share a mission with you and help you earn money as a new player. This could end up in the adventure of a gaming lifetime so this is the first thing you should try when trying to earn money without a ship.


Dangers: It could be a trap.



Hand Mining

To make money mining by hand you will require the following items:

  • Rucksack (To store the mined material)
  • Multi-tool
  • Orbig Mining Attachment

In Game Last Seen Availability of Hand Mining Parts

 RucksackMulti-toolOreBit Mining Attachment
Area 183100 aUEC413 aUEC311 aUEC
Grim Hex3100 aUECNot SoldNot Sold
LevskiNot Sold500 aUEC376 aUEC
Lorville3100 aUEC543 aUEC341 aUEC
Olisar3095 aUECNot SoldNot Sold


If you don't have a ship you can fly to the caves to mine you can ask players in chat to take you to the entrance of a cave for hand mining. Generally, you will find someone after a while that will offer to take you.

Once at the cave you will find mining deposits that you will be able to mine provided you have the above mentioned items equipped.

Payouts can be worth thousands of aUEC so hand mining can be profitable albeit grindy and often dangerous.


Dangers: You could be killed in the cave by other players or NPCs and lose your mined goods as well as your mining multi-tool and attachment.

Search for Missing Person In Cave Missions

Combine your mining in caves with the Missing Persons game-generated missions for extra money.


Dangers: You could get lost in the caves searching for the body.

Game Generated Missions

By opening MobiGlas there are available different types of missions. Some missions will ask you to locate missing people or even activate disabled comm arrays. These missions will sometimes pay well but can be hard to figure out and complete. When all else fails, these types of missions are easy ways to make money and other players can take you to the locations if needed.


Dangers: You could get frustrated trying to finish some missions.

Bunker Missions

First Person Shooter players can go on missions to clear bunkers or space stations of NPCs. Ask in chat for people looking for more players to go on bunker missions. It shouldn't take long to find a crew!


Dangers: You might get killed and will have to respawn far away.

Asking for money

If you really have hit rock bottom in Star Citizen then perhaps it is worth trying to simply ask for money. Players during Alpha amass large amounts of credits and are often happy to help someone out by sharing their wealth.


Dangers: You could lose your pride.

Starter Ships Under $100

Aurora (MR, ES, LN, LX)

The Auroras can easily make money via delivery box runs as well as with combat.

Delivery Missions

Delivery box missions are a good source of cash. Some missions overlap at delivery locations so players can take multiple boxes and increase their earnings. Always check your routes and missions before you start to maximize easy profit!


Dangers: Your own greed.


Call To Arms / Combat

The Auroras can handle some combat, enough so that taking the easy missions might be able to generate some income. If you have missiles just remember that they cost money to restock.


Dangers: Your life (Respawn / Reclaim time).

Aurora CL

The Auroras CL is the cargo runner of the Aurora series and as such it can make decent money even compared to larger ships.

Delivery Missions & Trade Runs

Combine cargo running with delivery missions. Check your Mobiglas for the Delivery run routes and check your trading lanes with the latest trading apps on the Star Citizen Resources page.


Dangers: Your cargo investment and time.


Mustang Alpha

The Mustang Alpha is designed to be a starting money maker. It can do a little combat as well as trade cargo. It is also a fast ship meaning your time to travel will be much shorter. The real money maker for the Mustang Alpha however is:


The Mustang Alpha can equip 4 weapons and no missiles. Due to its great maneuverability it can do decently well in combat. Take the Call to Arms missions for extra money. Test your skills as a combat pilot!


Dangers: You could die in combat.


Cargo Running

The Mustang Alpha can do trade runs and generate a little income. For players who are not suited to combat this is one option to make easy money.


Dangers: You could lose your investment.


Game Generated Missions

Players with this ship should also look into the missions generated in game such as ECN or Private Investigation missions. While not a great option the investment is zero, besides your time, that is.


Dangers: You might fail the mission and waste your time.

Mustang Gamma and Omega

Racers at this time have basically the same options as players without a ship. The difference being your racer can get you to the mission quickly.

See Making Money Without A Ship


Dangers: If you wanted to make money fast and easy you shouldn't have bought a racing ship.

Mustang Beta

The Mustang Beta can bring the player nearly anywhere in the verse but when it comes to making money it goes nowhere fast. Look at the section for making money without a ship.

Dangers: How much money can you make in a single person camper van?

Mustang Delta

The Mustang Delta is a combat ship and besides the money making methods available to anyone this ship is combat focused.

Combat Missions

Take combat missions from the MobiGlas. Call to Arms mission for bonus kills.

Danger: Rockets could cost more than you make. Git gud.

Anvil Pisces

This small ship is capable of doing cargo running and delivery box missions.

Delivery Missions & Trade Runs

Combine cargo running with delivery missions. Check your MobiGlas for the delivery routes and check your trade routes with the latest trading apps on the Star Citizen Resources page.


Dangers: Your cargo investment and time.

Avenger Stalker & Warlock

Combat Missions

These ships should take the combat missions available to earn aUEC easily.


Danger: That moment when you realize your true skill in combat.

Avenger Stalker Titan & Renegade

These Avengers with Cargo can make money in combat as well as combining cargo and delivery runs.

If you're not able to earn aUEC easily with these ships then maybe Star Citizen isn't the game for you.


Dangers: Your own ego.


The Arrow is a lethal light fighter that is suited only for combat.

Combat Missions

Take combat missions in your MobiGlas. Try to combine things like Call to Arms with other missions for extra profit.


Dangers: Rearming missiles can be expensive.


The 300i is a strong starting all-rounder.

Combat Missions

Take combat missions in your MobiGlas. Try to combine things like Call to Arms with other missions for extra profit.


Dangers: Rearming missiles can be expensive.


Cargo Missions & Delivery Missions

With 8SCU of cargo, the 300i can combine delivery runs with trade routes to make a decent living, effortlessly.


Dangers: Your investment in cargo.


The 315p is a great money maker for a solo pilot.

Cargo Missions & Delivery Missions

With 12SCU of cargo, the 315p can combine delivery runs with trade routes to earn decent profits.


Dangers: Your investment in cargo.


The 325a is best suited for combat but can also earn credits with delivery boxes and trading.

Combat Missions

The 325a is a combat ship that is quite capable. Take combat missions in the MobiGlas.


Dangers: Missiles and repairs can get expensive.


Cargo Missions & Delivery Missions

With only 4SCU of cargo, the 325a can combine delivery runs with trade routes to additional limited profits.


Dangers: Your investment in cargo.



The 350r is a racing ship with a bed. As such one should probably stick to fast delivery box runs to earn quick credits.

Delivery Missions

Use the 350r's speed to delivery your boxes slightly faster.


Danger: To yourself and others by going too fast.


Reliant Kore

The Reliant Kore is quite a large ship and as such it can be a big target in combat. For easy money stick to delivery and cargo running.

Delivery Missions & Trading

Combine delivery boxes with profitable cargo routes for optimal results.


Dangers: The ship is overly large for its capabilities.


Reliant Mako & Sen

Ships without their gameplay can be quite poor at earning money in game. See also the section for making money without a ship.

Delivery Missions

Delivery mission boxes for profit.


Danger: Boredom


Reliant Tana

The most exciting in the Reliant series for making money.

Combat Missions

Open your MobiGlas and do combat missions. Combine with Call to Arms mission for extra payouts.


Dangers: Large target. Missiles could get expensive.



Delivery Missions

Open your MobiGlas and do delivery box missions.


Dangers: You might travel too fast.



Combat Missions

Open your MobiGlas and do combat missions.

Dangers: What danger? They should fear you!


Combat Ships (Any Price)

Fighter ships generally are capable enough to teach a player the ropes of combat in Star Citizen. All combat ships should focus on... well... combat to earn a living.

Combat Missions

Take combat missions from your MobiGlas. Once you have gotten enough skill and are bored of crushing the NPC enemies then you can start looking into PVP Bounty Missions.

  • Mercenary Missions
  • Bounty Hunting Missions (PVP then PVE)
  • ECN Combat Missions
  • Claim Jumpers
  • Pro Tem Bounty

The Pro Tem bounty contract will start you on the bounty hunting missions that will lead to PVP bounties.

Call To Arms contract will pay you per criminal neutralized based on their CrimeStat.


Dangers: You could die, repeatedly.

Cargo Ships $100+

Dedicated freight ships for over $100 should focus on cargo running. Trading requires investment money and familiarity with the routes. If you have no initial capital to invest you will need to do box delivery missions until you have several tens of thousands of aUEC to invest in cargo running.

Cargo Running

Basically combine trade routes for profitable goods. Check the Star Citizen Resources Page to look at Trade apps to help you find the best routes.


Dangers: You could lose all your money.

Mining Ships

Mining ships make money by... mining!


There are several mining guides available online. The best and most up to date is still Space4Games Mining Guide.


Dangers: Mistakes go boom!

Scout Ships

Scout ships are not for making money, they are for scouting. If you really only have a scouting ship then refer to the section for Making Money Without a Ship. At least you will have a fast scout ship to get places.


Dangers: Your own poor judgement.

Exploration Ships

Exploration ships generally have a fair amount of cargo space in order to bring back things found while exploring.

Unless you have a large exploration ship with a lot of cargo space like a Carrack then:

Combine Cargo Running and Delivery Missions

By taking box delivery missions and finding optimal trade routes to the same locations exploration ships above $100 are easily capable of earning good income.


Dangers: You could lose your cargo and time without discovering anything.

Racing Ships (Excluding 350r)

So all you have with a quantum drive is a single-seater racing ship? And you still need to make money fast you say? Well with your fast ship you can use it to do the missions for people who have no ship.


Dangers: You bought your ship too fast if this is your only ship capable of earning aUEC.

General Tips For All Money Grubbers

If you want to make cash faster always consider the following:

  • Upgrade your quantum drive - This will greatly reduce travel time!
  • Plan your routes ahead - This will save running out of fuel or routing problems!
  • Avoid missions on planets! - Going in and out of atmosphere takes more time
  • Check your time - Keep track of how long it takes you to make money with each method
  • Combine missions / trading routes
  • Check the server stability before start

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