Use The Referral Code: STAR-X2PZ-65DB

If you're buying the game Star Citizen your game package will come with a set number of in game credits known as United Earth Credits - UEC.

Get 5000 UEC Free When Creating A Star Citizen Account using this Referral Code

Starter packages contain the following starting amounts of UEC:

  • Aurora Starter Pack - 1,000 UEC
  • Mustang Starter Pack - 1,000 UEC
  • Avenger Stalker - 2,000 UEC
  • Cutlass Black - 5,000 UEC
  • Hornet F7C - 5,000 UEC
  • Freelancer - 5,000 UEC
  • Constellation Andromeda - 10,000 UEC

This means that by using the referral code: STAR-X2PZ-65DB you get 5 times more UEC when starting with a Mustang Alpha, RSI Aurora or Origin 100i starter package, 2.5x more UEC if you're going for the Avenger Stalker package, double your UEC if you want a Cutlass Black, Hornet F7C or Freelancer package and 50% more if you're buying a Constellation Andromeda.

If you're thinking of purchasing Star Citizen then you will only have one chance during the purchase process to enter the referral code.

Where to add your referral code when purchasing Star Citizen

Be sure to enter the referral code on the Enlist page at RSI and use the referral code: STAR-X2PZ-65DB to earn an additional 5,000 free UEC when you purchase a game package for the first time.

Where to enter referral code for Star Citizen