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The Origin Jumpworks 600i

The Origin Jumpworks 600i comes in two variants, the Touring Module and the Exploration Module. Both are covered in this article.

Ship Description (Original redacted see here)

The 600i from Origin is a ship capable of luxury transport and / or exploration. An expensive ship for expensive tastes.

The Origin Jumpworks 600i

600i Touring ATV

The Origin Jumpworks 600i Touring

Ship Description (source paraphrased):

This multi-role luxury vessel from Origin Jumpworks features an exquisitely detailed hull and comes with cutting edge modular technology, allowing you to customize your ship for your needs. Taking the family on a long-distance trip across the stars? The Touring module lets your guests relax in ease with stunning furniture from some of the Empire's top designers.

Original Sale DateAugust 2017 (Gamescom)
Concept Sale Price$400
Max Crew3
Cargo Capacity16 SCU
Official PageOrigin 600i Touring

The Origin Jumpworks 600i Explorer

Ship Description (source paraphrased):

Looking to stamp your name in history with the discovery of a new star system? The 600i's Explorer module swaps the lounge for a robust scanning station as well as additional utility hardpoints to increase the ship's effectiveness even more.

Original Sale DateAugust 2017 (Gamescom)
Concept Sale Price$435
Max Crew5
Cargo Capacity40 SCU
Official PageOrigin 600i Explorer

Who needs the Origin 600i?

The 600i is designed for those who want a Yacht-size ship with luxurious and private crew quarters. The two variants (Touring and Exploration) allow you to take a small crew luxuriously around the universe to explore in comfort.


Origin 600i Touring features:

  • Fast and easy to crew requiring a max crew of just 3
  • Luxurious living quarters
  • Can carry a lander / rover
  • Strong defense systems
  • Small crew requirements


The 600i Explorer features:

  • Fast and comfortable exploration ship
  • Max crew of 5
  • Sacrifices crew quarters for exploration equipment
  • Strong defense systems

600i Questions & Answers

Some time ago CIG started releasing Question & Answer pages for concept sales. To read the RSI questions & answers for the 600i please visit the official page here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16093-Q-A-Origin-600i

We have added some of our own questions and answers below as well. Please note all information is speculative and subject to change as this information is about the 600i concept ship.

SCFocus Origin 600i Questions & Answers

Is 600i overpriced?

Yes. The 600i is a luxurious ship for players who have more UEC than sense. It´s also worth noting that the 600i concept price is the lowest price this ship will be purchasable for. This means that it is expected to become much higher in price in the game. This is a ship for those who specifically want pretty and comfortable over anything else.

Is the 600i Better Than The Constellation Phoenix

It depends. The Constellation Phoenix and the Origin 600i are ships in a similar class - Luxury Exploration. The 600i is the amphibian and the Phoenix is better suited for space operations. While both ships can carry an ground exploration vehicle, the Phoenix also has a snub ship - the Kruger P72 Archimedes. The 600i is more like a private yacht while the Phoenix is something between a limo and a private jet.

If you're looking for a spacious, luxurious explorer capable of going into the water then the 600i is better suited. If you prefer to have a spaceship with a classy snub fighter then the Phoenix might be better. The Phoenix is... like a Phoenix and the 600i is like a Swan.

Is the 600i Better Than The Carrack?

The 600i is a luxurious swan, capable of carrying a crew comfortably through space or parked in a tropical marina in the water. The Carrack is a military explorer capable of sustained deep space exploration. The Carrack is listed to be a larger ship with less comfortable living quarters but designed to explore the far reaches of the galaxy and possibly beyond. For dedicated explorers the Carrack is without doubt the better long distance exploration ship with enough cargo space to bring back many discoveries.

Can the 600i be outfitted for other roles?

The 600i is currently being offered with the Explorer module or Touring module. While it has not been confirmed that there will be more modules, the official Q & A says it is possible more modules could become available in the future.

Is the 600i a good ship at making money?

No. Players seeking to maximize their income in the Star Citizen game should look elsewhere. The 600i is not supposed to be an affordable ship to operate. It is a luxurious ship which means even the slightest scratch could be expensive to fix. Given the ship sacrifices operational efficiency for comfortable living quarters it is not likely that this ship will run at anything other than great expense. It certainly won’t be a profitable ship to operate.

However, it’s worth mentioning that there is at least one profession that could be possible with the 600i: Super Luxury transport. There could be select jobs that require a lot of reputation that might be available in the game such as bringing VIP NPCs to and from locations discretely and in comfort.

Is the 600i a limited ship?

Yes. The 600i, much like other luxury ships such as the 890 Jump or the Constellation Phoenix, is a limited ship.

Origin Jumpworks 600i Image Gallery

600i Living Room
600i Bridge Concept
600i Custom Art
600i Luxury Hangar (unknown if included)
600i Cockpit View Concept

600i Official Commercial

Original Ship Description*

This Description seems to have been redacted.

Let the voyage begin with the 2947 600i from Origin Jumpworks. This multi-role luxury vessel from Origin Jumpworks features an exquisitely detailed hull design. The 600i is designed with a cutting edge modular technology, allowing you to customize your ship for your needs. Regardless of where your journey takes you, the 600i guarantees that you'll get there fast and in style.

*This description was originally on the linked Concept Sale page which has subsequently been removed and replaced. Original link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/600i/Origin-600i-Touring