Star Citizen Alpha 3.4 Loaner Ship Matrix

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Alpha 3.4 Loaner Ships

Alpha 3.4 Loaner Ship Rules

Backers who own ships not available in the PU (Persistent Universe) will receive respective loaner ships until those ship become "Flight Ready."

  • Loaner ships are not replacement ships. They are not intended to provide a 1:1 "best case substitute" for a ship that isn't flight ready yet.
  • Due to the current restrictions in Arena Commander, certain ships have a secondary loaner to allow them to play in all game modes.
  • As new ships become available the loaners can be substituted by CIG.
  • Loaners are not permanent additions to players accounts. They are temporary until ships become flight ready.
  • If you have multiple concept ships that provide the same loaner you will only receive one for them all. Loaners do not stack and you will never receive more than one of each loaner ship independent of how many ships you own.

Source: The official Concept Ship Loaners post on Spectrum.

Alpha 3.4 Notable Ship Matrix Changes

Alpha 3.4 brings several more ships into the game.

  • The 600i Touring variant is now flyable
  • The Anvil Hawk is now flyable
  • The Freelancer variants (MIS, DUR and MAX) are now flyable
  • The Phoenix Emerald is now flyable
100 series300i
600i Explorer325a & Cyclone
600i Touring325a
890 Jump 600i Explorer & 325a, 85x
ApolloConstellation Andromeda
ARGO SRVProspector
CarrackConstellation Aquila & URSA Rover
Constellation Taurus Constellation Andromeda
CorsairConstellation Aquila, Buccaneer
Crucible Constellation Andromeda
Cutlass Variants Cutlass Black
Cyclone Variants Aurora MR
Defender Khartu-al (Xi’an Scout)
DragonflyAurora MR
Endeavor Starfarer
Genesis Starliner Constellation Andromeda
Hercules StarlifterStarfarer Gemini
Hull A & B Freelancer
Hull CStarfarer
Hull D, EReclaimer
HurricaneF7C-M Super Hornet
Idris-M & P Hammerhead & MPUV Passenger
Javelin Hammerhead & MPUV Cargo
KrakenHammerhead & Buccaneer
Lynx Rover URSA Rover
Merchantman Starfarer
Mercury Star RunnerHerald, Freelancer
Mustang AlphaAurora MR
Nova URSA Rover
NoxAurora MR
Orion Prospector
Pioneer Caterpillar
Polaris Hammerhead
Prowler Valkyrie
Ranger CVCyclone
Ranger RCCyclone RC
Ranger TRCyclone TR
Redeemer Vanguard Hoplite
Retaliator Gladiator
San’tok.yāiKharthu-Al (Xi'an Scout)
TerrapinF7C-M Super Hornet
ValkyrieF7C-M Super Hornet
Vanguard Harbinger & Sentinel Vanguard Warden
Vulcan Freelancer
VultureProspector & Buccaneer
X1 & Variants Nox & Aurora MR

Why Do I have A Hornet F7-A In My Ship List?

Some ships (like the Reclaimer, Hammerhead, Carrack and others...) receive an Aurora MR and Hornet as loaner ships both in the PU and Arena Commander.


This is to allow players who may only have those ships to test the various gameplay modes.


This addition is not permanent.

Why Do I have an Aurora MR In My Ship List?

Some ships receive an Aurora MR as a loaner ship both in the PU and Arena Commander. For example, players with a Mustang Alpha may receive the Aurora MR to help test missions with boxes. This is because some ships are unable to carry boxes and this helps players test missions.

This addition is not permanent.

Why Do I have a Cyclone?

If you have the 600i Explorer you receive a temporary Cyclone loaner. The 600i Explorer concept ship comes with an Origin Rover that is not released for concept yet therefore the Cyclone is loaned until then.


Please note, our loaner matrix list may be out of date. Please always check the official RSI website for up to date information.