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The ARGO SRV is a single crew dedicated tug ship capable of moving containers and ships. The ARGO SRV features a roomy interior to transport stranded pilots comfortably.

Original Sale DateFebruary 2019
Concept Sale Price$130 Warbond
Max Crew1
RoleShip Recovery
Cargo Capacity10 SCU
Official PageARGO SRV

About the ARGO SRV

The ARGO SRV is a dedicated Tug ship designed to recover immobilized ships as well as some cargo or other items. The ship uses tractor beams to move ships and objects.

ARGO SRVs can team up to move heavier / larger loads.

What does SRV stand for?

SRV is an acronym for Standard Recovery Vehicle. The ARGO SRV is for recovering ships.

Who is the ARGO SRV Intended For?

The ARGO SRV is primarily for large organisations and players who want to dedicate themselves to the ship recovery profession. Ships can become stranded in space for a variety of reasons (probably engines were destroyed) and this profession is designed to recover ships whole rather than in pieces.

Is the ARGO SRV good at making money (UEC)?

The SRV is an industrial ship capable of moving ships and other objects around the Star Citizen Universe. While there will be missions created for ship recovery it will also be a decent ship at helping players bring their stranded ships home. Additionally, it is possible to find a wreck of a repairable ship and return it.

The utility of the ship seems very clear. How much the SRV can earn is another story. Compared to trading or mining, it seems rather limited to how much this ship is able to earn. The biggest payout seems like it would be to recover entire ships that have been abandoned and restoring them for sale or use. The lowest payout being towing of small ships like Auroras.

This ship doesn't seem likely to be as profitable as the MISC Prospector.

Can the ARGO SRV tow cargo?

Yes the ARGO SRV is capable of moving and towing cargo. One of the key design goals for the ARGO SRV was to allow it to unload larger cargo ships like the HULL series.

Can the ARGO SRV jump while towing another ship?

The ARGO SRV can tow ships through quantum travel. For Jump Travel the current stance is for it not to be possible for the ARGO SRV to tow.

Can the ARGO SRV tow tanks?

Towing ground vehicles will work the same as towing ships.

Can the ARGO SRV steal other vehicles by towing?

For the ARGO SRV to tow a vehicle the vehicle will need to be incapacitated / have the shields down. Leaving your ship / vehicle unattended with the shields down in unmonitored space could result in theft of the vehicle by ARGO SRV or other ways.

Is the ARGO SRV overpriced?

The ARGO SRV is a specialized ship and given the single crew nature of it is likely OK priced. The ability to tow large objects offsets the potential low income role.