Star Citizen Director Mode Camera Controls & Bindings

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Page last updated July 29th 2019

Star Citizen Camera Control Keys

Star Citizen Camera Controls - Director Mode

-> Applies to latest update: Alpha 3.10

For 2.6 CIG released Director Mode  - a mode that allows players to control the camera in Star Citizen independently of the player character.

Using Director Mode allows players to take spectacular in game screenshots and video.

Here are the controls for Director Mode in Star Citizen:

F4 - Cycle Camera Views (Start with this key)

By pressing F4 you cycle through the various camera modes. The default mode which is the one you start off in is called First Person. Pressing F4 once changes the camera to 3rd Person which should be a familiar view for RPGers. Pressing F4 a second time switches to the Director Mode camera that players can control freely. Below are the key bindings for Director Mode:

Move 3rd Person Camera (Orbit Camera) - Z (HOLD) + MOVE MOUSE
Zoom In / Out - F4( HOLD)Mouse Wheel

X Offset Positive - F4 (HOLD) RIGHT ARROW
X Offset Negative - F4 (HOLD) + LEFT ARROW
Y Offset Positive / Spectator Freecam Focal Point Forward - F4 (HOLD) + UP ARROW
Y Offset Negative / Spectator Freecam Focal Point Backward - F4 (HOLD) + DOWN ARROW
Z Offset Positive - F4 (HOLD) + PAGE UP
Z Offset Negative - F4 (HOLD) + PAGE DOWN
Increase Field of View (FOV) - F4 (HOLD) + Numpad +
Decrease Field of View (FOV) - F4 (HOLD) + Numpad -
Increase Depth of Field DOF - F4 (HOLD) + HOME
Decrease Depth of Field (DOF) - F4 (HOLD) + END
Reset Current View - F4 (HOLD) + Numpad *


Camera Presets

You can save up to 9 preset camera views.

Save Camera View as Preset - F4 (HOLD) + Numpad Key (HOLD 1 to 9 for 3 seconds)
Load Saved Camera Preset View - F4 (HOLD) + Numpad Key (1 to 9)
We look forward to seeing CIG continue to add features to help the community to create awesome content!

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Here are a couple of videos that explain how to control the camera.

Star Citizen Camera Controls Alpha 3.10 - (Update)

At SC FOCUS the goal is to showcase the very best talent from the Star Citizen community. When it comes to Star Citizen screenshots the household name is Mr Hasgaha.

Mr Hasgaha has released an Alpha 3.10 In-Game Advanced Camera System Guide (PDF) (click image below) as well as a tutorial video.