Star Citizen Free Fly Checklist & Guide Alpha 3.7.2

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Try Star Citizen For Free! - Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2949 (2019)

Dates: November 24th 2019 through December 5th 2019

Try Star Citizen for free during the anniversary sale. During the Free Fly promotion anyone can join Star Citizen's persistent universe for free. Try 100+ ships and vehicles free.

Players will be allowed a list of ships and vehicles to try each day of the event.

Important Information For New Players

Before starting your Star Citizen adventure it can be good to consider game requirements and other particulars. Here is a provided checklist.


1 - Before you create an account make sure to use a referral code

2 - Check your system requirements before you download

3 - Download the game

4 - What you need to know before you start

5 - List of flyable Ships By Day & Manufacturer

6 - New Player Checklist

7 - Starting Tutorial Videos

1 - Create An Account - Use A Referral Code!

Creating your account is your first step into the Star Citizen universe. Using a referral code grants you an extra 5000 UEC if you decide to one day purchase the game. You only get one chance to enter a referral code and that is at the moment you create your account.

Creating an account is free (whether you purchase the game or not). However, if you do not enter a referral code when you create the account you will not be able to add the referral code to the account later, therefore losing your chance to get 5000 free UEC when you purchase Star Citizen on that account. While you will still be able to make another account and then use a referral code it is recommended to use the referral code  when signing up so that you do not forget at a later date.


Click here to go to the official RSI website and create your account now. Clicking this link will automatically fill in the referral code so no mistake is possible.

Use this referral code: STAR-H3MY-F5SH

2 - Check the system requirements

To get the most out of your Free Fly event you will want to make sure your computer can handle Star Citizen. It is an advanced MMO universe under construction therefore the system requirements are quite steep. Even if your computer can handle other games Star Citizen can be very demanding on system resources.

CIG games including Star Citizen and Squadron 42 have the following minimum requirements. CIG strongly recommend having a system with these minimums to effectively install, load, and play the games.

  • Windows 7 (64bit) with Service Pack 1, Windows 8 (64bit), Windows 10 - Anniversary Update (64bit)
  • DirectX 11 Graphics Card with 2GB RAM (4GB strongly recommended)
  • Quad Core CPU
  • 16GB+ RAM
  • SSD (or M.2) strongly recommended

CIG also recommend the following:

  • Drive should be NTFS formatted with at least 43 GB for the RSI Launcher and Star Citizen for install and at least 10GB (SSD) - 20GB (HDD) additional space for the pagefile
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.5.2
  • Ports opens for TCP 8000 - 8020 and UDP 64090 - 64110

CIG do not currently support Linux or Mac OSX Operating Systems. Be sure to check our Development Roadmap to follow our feature development progress.

More information available on the official support post here ->

3 - Download the game

After you have created the account and checked that your system can run the game and has enough storage go to the Star Citizen download page:

4 - What you need to know before you start

Before you begin the Free Fly event you should have some idea of what you want to achieve during your time testing.

Players will start off in Area 18 at ArcCorp which is a city planet. The Ship Expo is located at Bevic Convention Center - take the flying tram from either ArcCorp Plaza or the spaceport. Also any tram will take you there if you stay on it.


In game human guides can be found here - player guides.


Some of the in game locations include:

  • Planet Hurston with its 6 distinct biomes (acidic, desert, trash, savannah, strip mined and polluted coast)
  • Lorville City on planet Hurston
  • ArcCorp City Planet
  • There are many different moons to explore
  • There is an asteroid base (Grim Hex) located at Yela Asteroid Field
  • There is a planetoid called Delamar with Levski mining base
  • There are secret and hidden locations


Each day from the 24th November to the 5th December a different manufacturer will have its ships available for free flight. Given time constraints players should research which ships they want to test as time may not permit to test all of them.

5 - Flyable Ship List And Days

Starting on November 24th, a different ship manufacturer in the game will make its entire flyable fleet available for a 24-hour test flight period. On the final day of the Expo Event the Best in Show will be available.

Note: You will need make your way to the expo at Bevic Convention Center at Area 18 to be able to rent the available ships for that day.


Check the details from RSI:

Nov 24 – Anvil Aerospace

Arrow: Featuring an ultra-aerodynamic frame and slight profile, it’s the most agile ship in its class.

Ballista: This self-propelled air defense system is capable of destruction on a massive scale.

Gladiator: A ruggedly built two-person dive bomber.

Hawk: The perfect ship for independent bounty hunters or local security.

Hornet F7C: Tough and dependable, the F7C is a textbook multi-purpose medium fighter.

Hornet F7C Wildfire: Special-edition of the F7C Hornet with custom livery and a loadout geared to Arena Commander.

Hornet F7C-M – Super Hornet: A two-seater medium fighter with a heavy loadout.

Hornet F7C-R – Tracker: Sacrificing the turret for an advanced radar system, the Hornet Tracker seeks what is hidden.

Hornet F7C-S – Ghost: Stealthy, quiet, silent – the Ghost keeps a low profile anywhere.

Hurricane: A heavy fighter with an almost excessive loadout. Includes a turret that punches through shields and defenses.

Terrapin: Heavily armored ship with a sophisticated scanner. Ideal for recon and exploration.

Valkyrie: A heavily armed gunship/dropship.

Nov 25 – Roberts Space Industries

Aurora CL: The Aurora Clipper is an effective vessel for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned traders alike.

Aurora ES: A descendant of the X-7, this is the ideal choice for new ship owners. Versatile and intuitive.

Aurora LN: For combat-focused citizens. The Aurora LN comes with bigger shields and larger weapons that pack a punch.

Aurora LX: The Aurora Deluxe adds luxury and comfort for long stretches in the deep black.

Aurora MR: A balance of function and performance, the Aurora MR comes with cargo capacity and guns to ensure freight gets there safely.

Constellation Andromeda: A multi-crew freighter with a modular design, the RSI Andromeda is one of the most iconic ships in the verse.

Constellation Aquila: Explore the stars and distant horizons. The uprated sensor suite and redesigned cockpit offer maximum visibility.

Constellation Phoenix: A chariot of the gods, this converted luxury freighter is ideal for VIP transport.

Mantis: Stop ships dead in their tracks with RSI’s premier quantum enforcer.

Ursa Rover: Rugged, durable, and tough, this is the rover you need to explore a multitude of planetary environments.

Nov 26 – Consolidated Outland/Kruger/Tumbril

Cyclone: Stir up a storm with this robust two-seater buggy that can carry a little something in the back.

Cyclone AA: Features EMP functionality and an anti-air missile launcher to deter threats from above.

Cyclone RC: Cyclone racing variant. It’s red, fast, and equipped with a built-in nitro booster.

Cyclone RN: Built to clear the fog of war, the recon variant of the Cyclone is mounted with a powerful scanner array.

Cyclone TR: Support infantry with this combat variant. Equipped with a mounted turret to provide cover fire for ground operations.

Mustang Alpha: Consolidated Outland’s premier ship for those wanting to push the limits a little further when starting out.

Mustang Beta: Home is where the heart is. The Beta offers comfortable living quarters for beginners roaming the frontier.

Mustang Delta: The Mustang Delta is armed with heavier weapons and rocket pods to give starters a little more firepower.

Mustang Gamma: An additional engine provides racers the competitive edge they need.

P-52 Merlin: Small, agile, and packing a sting. This snub fighter is fragile but difficult to hit.

P-72 Archimedes: The Archimedes delivers exceptional handling and boost capabilities in a beautifully designed package.

Nov 27 – ARGO / MISC / Crusader

ARGO MPUV 1C: A small and unarmed utility runabout that transports cargo.

ARGO MPUV 1P: A small and unarmed utility runabout that transports personnel.

Freelancer: A multi-crew cargo freighter with turret and ordnance to deter those after its haul.

Freelancer DUR: The Freelancer DUR specializes in exploration with an improved scanner, jump drive, and bigger fuel tanks.

Freelancer MAX: The Freelancer MAX is for those who prize increased cargo capacity over everything else.

Freelancer MIS: The Freelancer MIS is a limited-edition militarized variant of the classic merchant ship.

Prospector: A miner’s best friend, with a powerful laser and saddlebags to turn minerals to profit.

Razor: Cutting ahead of the competition, this sleek racer gives anyone a run for pole position.

Razor EX: Stealth-edition of the Razor outfitted with signature-reducing materials and low-draw components.

Razor LX: Special-edition of the Razor features reduced maneuverability and armament in exchange for extreme straight-line speed.

Reliant Kore: A fusion of Xi’an and Human technology, this light freighter lets you haul cargo with a friend.

Reliant Mako: Go where the news is and capture every moment with turret-mounted optics.

Reliant Sen: The Reliant Sen is a versatile mobile science platform.

Reliant Tana: An easy to maintain, versatile, lightweight fighter.

Starfarer: Keep fleets on the move with this heavy refueler.

Starfarer Gemini: The Gemini version sacrifices fuel capacity for armor and a missile launcher.

Nov 28 – Alien Manufacturers

Blade: This alien fighter slices through the air with high agility to shred foes to ribbons.

Defender: The first line of defense against enemy attack.

Glaive: This medium alien fighter replica drives fear with its ramming blades.

Khartu-al: Enigmatic, exotic, and agile. The fragile Khartu-al excels at lateral thrust and maneuverability.

Nox: Sleek and fast, this gravity bike glides across rough terrain. Perfect for scouting and racing.

Nox Kue: Sleek and fast (and silver), this gravity bike glides across rough terrain. Perfect for scouting and racing.

Nov 29 – Aegis Dynamics

Avenger Stalker: A modified version of the Avenger catering to bounty hunters. Equipped with prison cells.

Avenger Titan: A former police ship with a cargo hold for light freight and couriering.

Avenger Titan Renegade: Special-edition of the Avenger Titan with custom livery and a loadout geared to Arena Commander.

Avenger Warlock: A variant of the Avenger armed with an EMP generator to disable enemies.

Eclipse: A sleek stealth bomber armed with heavy torpedoes.

Gladius: An aging but agile light fighter with mid-range armament.

Gladius Valiant: Special-edition of the Gladius with custom livery and a loadout geared to Arena Commander.

Hammerhead: A multi-crew corvette bristling with manned turrets to counter fast fighters.

Reclaimer: A heavy deep-space salvage vessel built to reclaim wrecks and derelict ships.

Retaliator Bomber: A long-range anti-capital-ship bomber. Covered in manned turrets and capable of launching size 9 torpedoes.

Sabre: Favoring agility over durability, this ship is light, sleek, and deadly.

Sabre Comet: Special-edition of the Sabre with custom livery and a loadout geared to Arena Commander.

Vanguard Harbinger: A powerful bomber that can operate out of the roughest forward operating bases.

Vanguard Hoplite: Long-range squad dropship with a turret gunner.

Vanguard Sentinel: Designed to fight smart instead of taking enemies head-on.

Vanguard Warden: Long-range heavy fighter with a manned turret.

Nov 30 – Drake Interplanetary

Buccaneer: A light fighter that sacrifices durability (and its ejection seat!) for raw firepower.

Caterpillar: A heavy multi-crew commercial freighter. Lightly armed with superior cargo capacity.

Cutlass Black: Back in black. Drake’s pirate-favorite is a highly versatile ship with combat and cargo prowess.

Dragonfly Black: A two-seater grav-lev bike. Easily traverses rough terrain or open space.

Dragonfly Yellowjacket: A two-seater grav-lev bike. Easily traverses rough terrain or open space. Yellow livery.

Herald: No secret is safe. Drake’s Herald captures and stores information before leaving at blistering speed.

Dec 1 – Origin Jumpworks

890 Jump: A vessel in a class all of its own. A masterpiece worthy of the Origin name.

300i: Travel in style with this high-performance solo tourer.

315p: Traverse the ‘verse with this high-performance light explorer.

325a: Origin’s sleek signature fighter, the 325a makes a great companion for finding your mark in style and sophistication.

350r: Origin’s signature racer, the 350r leaves the competition in the dust.

600i Explorer: This long-range tourer forgoes the lounge for a high-tech suit of exploration essentials.

600i Touring: Star Citizen’s iconic luxury tourer.

85X: A luxury and sporty short-range runabout for pilot and passenger.

M50: Origin’s premier racer. Small, fast, and highly agile.

Dec 2 to Dec 5 – Best in Show

Drake Caterpillar: A heavy multi-crew commercial freighter. Lightly armed with superior cargo capacity.

Aegis Reclaimer: A heavy deep-space salvage vessel built to reclaim wrecks and derelict ships.

Aegis Hammerhead: A multi-crew corvette bristling with manned turrets designed to counter fighters.

Drake Cutlass Black: Back in black. Drake’s pirate-favorite is a highly versatile ship with combat and cargo prowess.

6 - New player checklist

Please check the following items before your free fly:


  • You have set up an account and used the referral code
  • You have checked the system requirements (and have 43GB free on SSD plus 20GB pagefile)
  • You have downloaded the game (
  • You have researched which points of interest you intend to visit
  • You have a suitable webcam (30fps to 60fps) for FOIP - Optional
  • You have a Joystick - Optional


7 - Getting Started Video Tutorials

Have fun during the Free Fly! See you in the ´Verse!