Limit Theory – A Lesson For Star Citizen?

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Limit Theory has the following description on Kickstarter:

An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.

This game started as a Kickstarter project and seems to have come to an end as the Developer admitted an impossibility for finishing it alone. Any space sim Kickstarter game project can be seen as related to Star Citizen (yes this includes No Mans Sky). As fans of space sims and Kickstarter campaigns it is sad to see Star Citizen's cousin projects have problems or fail.

It is the writer's hope that Limit Theory can continue on via the community or some other agreement as the community sounds amazing based on the forum activity.

Although the writer of this post had never heard of Limit Theory until today, it is outstanding how well the community has received terrible news and really highlights how important it is to "support" a project as well as the people (or person) behind it. Gamers and developers are people who are not immune from suffering.

Limit Theory - The Best Community

When the developer announced it was impossible to finish the project alone the forum replies were of strong support instead of hate or anger. Here are some quotes:

It sucks that it had to end this way, but it was a great ride while it lasted. And you managed to build up a great community of people, as well. I hope we all can keep in touch.

Another forum user says:

Of all the kickstarter-projects I've backed that have failed, this is the one I would probably still have backed if I knew how it would end up.

Several others were reflected with this sentiment:

I never had a financial investment in LT, but as many said before, the community and experience would have been worth every penny.

Star Citizen - What Does Supporting A Game Really Mean?

At the end of the day, CIG is doing their best to deliver on an almost-impossible vision. The author of this article thinks that what has happened to Limit Theory could offer a valuable lesson for the Star Citizen community. To get the best possible game we should aim to work together to help CIG deliver what we as the community want. Support shouldn't only be seen as how much money we pledge to the project, rather the author proposes we also measure support by how well we treat members of the team and especially the community (i.e. each other).


Can Star Citizen claim to be the best game (MMO) without being the best community?

Hopefully Limit Theory can continue and the community can pick up the development slack. From the Star Citizen community this Organization salutes you and your efforts and especially Limit Theory's outstanding community that has been able to band together through the hardest of hardships - the worst case - from a development standpoint.

We in the Star Citizen community take so much for granted.