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The RSI Mantis

The Mantis by Roberts Space Industries is the first Quantum Enforcement ship. It was also released with Alpha 3.7 as flight ready with Quantum Enforcement and Interdiction playable.

Beautiful and highly specialized, the Mantis is a small ship capable of pulling ships out of quantum travel as well as keeping ships from quantum jumping. This ship is meant to be used alongside other ships.

RSI Mantis Video

RSI Mantis Quick Facts

Original Sale DateSeptember 2019
Concept Sale Price$135 Warbond
Max Crew1
RoleQuantum Enforcement
Official PageRSI Mantis

RSI Mantis Strategy

The Mantis is capable of "Quantum Enforcement" which means the ability to pull ships out of quantum travel as well as to prevent them from initiating a quantum jump.

Since the ship is extremely weak and poorly armed, it is likely that most quantum interdictions and snares will involve catching larger prey than the Mantis alone can deal with. This means that successful Mantis operators will need to be part of larger operations making the Mantis a single-role ship in terms of gameplay.


Quantum Enforcement

Interfering with other ship's quantum travel is termed under Quantum Enforcement. The Mantis is capable of two types of quantum enforcement:

  • Quantum Snaring
  • Quantum Dampening


Quantum Snare

Pulling other ships out of Quantum travel involves the Mantis to be located within a travel path of another ship. Since planetary bodies in Star Citizen move, the best location for quantum snares will be between two planets and / or distant points of interest. Between moons and planets could also be a valid choice.

After a ship has been snared the heat signature from the Mantis will likely reveal it on the radar. Additionally, the Mantis will appear as an enemy to the snared ship. The target ship will be able to open retaliatory fire on the Mantis without infringing a crime.

Quantum Dampening

Preventing other ships from engaging Quantum Travel is called Quantum Dampening. This ability prevents all ships within range of the Mantis from engaging quantum travel.

Using the Quantum Enforcement device uses tremendous amounts of energy so the time frame that a ship can be jammed will be limited with the Mantis.

RSI Mantis General Strategy

The Mantis was sold to help bounty hunters capture targets by preventing them from jumping to quantum. Additionally, militia operations across the UEE will require ships with Quantum Enforcement abilities.

Since the Mantis is a small ship it is meant to work with groups of ships to work effectively. While it is possible for a smart Mantis player to snare a Hull A, for example, it would still be a challenge to pull enough energy to quantum dampen while also engaging in combat.

This ship is not recommended for solo players.

Mantis Questions & Answers

Is the Mantis the only ship capable of Quantum Enforcement

No. The Mantis is dedicated to Quantum Enforcement and is very efficient at it for its size. Other ships with special mounts could be able to equip Quantum Enforcement devices.

Will you get a criminal rating for interdicting other players and NPCs?

In a jurisdiction where it is not permitted the corresponding fines and criminal status will be issued.

What is the best chance of snaring other players?

Placing the Mantis near the source of the quantum jump between two frequently traveled destinations is the best option. It will be also possible to scan long range targets once long range scanning is in the game.

Does the disruption device work inside another ship?

No. Once the Mantis enters the another ship the device disables.

Does Quantum Interdiction Affect Friendly Ships or Ships in the same Party?

Quantum enforcement effects will affect all ships in the corresponding vicinity.