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The CNOU Pioneer

The Pioneer is an outpost manufacturing ship from Consolidated Outland. This ship is capable of building outposts both while in space and on planets.

Ship Description (source paraphrased):

“Humanity’s frontier isn’t just some place one world over. It’s a dream. It’s an idea waiting to be had. It’s what motivates us to push harder and farther. It’s the spirit built into the very heart of the Pioneer.” - Silas Koerner

Now Consolidated Outland offers another advance in Humanity’s technological evolution. Introducing the first mobile construction yard, the Pioneer opens up exciting opportunities for planetary settlement by allowing you to create your own modular structures.

So you can bring civilization to the wild.

The CNOU Pioneer

This ship allows for the construction of player operated outposts. According to CIG the basic settlement types are:

  • Cities (Such as Arccorp)
  • Villages (Yet to be introduced)
  • Outposts (Essentially camps)


The Pioneer is aimed for org operations but can also be operated by a single individual running an NPC outpost colony.

Original Sale DateOctober 2017 (Citizencon)
Concept Sale Price$750
Max Crew8
RoleOutpost Manufacturing
Official PageCNOU Pioneer

Who Needs the Consolidated Outland Pioneer?

This ship is primarily for organizations who need to set up their outposts for their operations. Additionally, those who want to play controlling their own NPC outposts will also enjoy this ship.

Will the CNOU Pioneer make money (UEC baby!)?

We expect this ship to be able to earn a very good income due to it’s versatility in constructing outposts both on planet and in space. The demand for outposts will be very big as exploration is perhaps the biggest profession in Star Citizen.

What is the size of the land claim plot that comes with the Pioneer?

The Poineer comes with one land claim plot that will be 1x1 map pixel or approximately 4x4 km or 8x8 km in play area. Read more about this in our article about Land Claims.

Where does the pioneer fit in terms of gameplay?

The pioneer is a mid to late game ship.

Can the pioneer be operated by single crew?

Yes with NPC crew and escorts. However, for all multicrew ships, but especially for one of this size, it's important to note that solo operation will not be as efficient as a full crew. Since it is possible to recruit NPCs it does open up the gameplay of running your own NPC outpost operaton (mining, harvesting, trading etc...).

Official RSI Pioneer Q & A

We've summarised some of the interesting points from the official Pioneer Q & A:

  • Outposts are about the same size as a small Antarctica research facility
  • It's uncertain whether outposts will be able to be built on asteroids
  • The Pioneer moves outposts by dismantling them
  • The Pioneer cannot build space stations
  • Land claims prevent other players from building in your territory
  • Outposts built by the Pioneer are persistent as well as the contents
  • The only role of the Pioneer is to build outposts
  • Outposts must be built on flat terrain



CNOU Pioneer Preview

This preview is created by Teller. Pretty amazing work!

Consolidated Outland Pioneer Concept Image Gallery

Pioneer Landed Concept
Pioneer Bridge Concept
Pioneer Outpost Construction Area
Pioneer Crew Quarters Concept Art
CNOU Pioneer In Dry Dock
Pioneer Mess Hall