Star Citizen 2.0 & 2.1 Commands December 2015

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Useful commands for Star Citizen 2.0 (baby PU)

Updated: 12th December, 2015


On Foot Commands

In Flight Commands

On Foot Commands

MobiGlass Augmented Reality: F9 (Missions, stats, points of interest, etc…)


Augmented Reality Hud: F10 (Player names, cross hair for shooting from hip)


Open Contacts List: F11


Chat: F12


Chat Cursor: LEFT ALT + Spacebar


Wield Pistol: 1 (Number 1 on the keyboard)


Wield Rifle / Machine Gun: 2 (Number 2 on the keyboard)


Holster Weapon: J


Heal with MedPen: H (If holding rifle switch to pistol first) (Must be damaged to use) (Starts with two charges)


Suicide / Shoot Yourself: Right ALT + Backspace


Turn on suit light (lamp): O


Exit seat / bed / turret: CTRL + F


While in EVA:


Boost: Shift
Up: Space Bar
Down: CTRL
Roll (left / right): Q / E


In Flight Commands


Ship Self Destruct: Right ALT + Backspace


Toggle Lights / Flashlight (ship, buggy, on foot & eva): O


Exit Pilot Seat (Also Exit Bed in Ship): CTRL + F


Eject: Left ALT + L


Flight Mode (Precision, SCM, Cruise): V


Quantum Travel Mode: B


Landing Mode: N


Automated Landing: M


Toggle Relative & Interactive Modes: Control + C


Look ahead mode: Right ALT + M


Exit Seat / Turret: CTRL + F


Know any other useful ones? Please let us know!