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Useful commands for Star Citizen 2.4

Star Citizen Alpha 2.4 is now LIVE and and with persistence comes changes to the key bindings. Alpha 2.4 brings with it a new item port system for loading your hangar with ships and hangar flair as well as configuring your ship loadouts on the Port Olisar landing pads.

The key bindings (controls & commands) have been radically altered for this patch with many keys changing for flight, on foot and EVA.

All key settings can be found in game by accessing your options menu and looking for the Key Bindings tab.

View key bindings in game by going to the game options
View key bindings in game by going to the game options

While some people have voiced their complaints about the new keybindings we find them more conveniently placed. For example, flashlight was “O” but is now “T” which is far more conveniently placed. Space break used to be SPACEBAR but is now “X” and Strafe Up is now SPACEBAR which is slightly less convenient for quickly stopping the ship but more convenient for strafing up on takeoff.

Key Bindings For Star Citizen Alpha 2.4 (Full PDF File Click here)


On Foot Commands
EVA Commands
In Flight Commands

On Foot Commands

MobiGlas – F1 (Previously: F9)


Cycle Camera (1st person view 3rd person view) – F4 (Previously INS)


Contacts – F11


Chat – F12


Chat Cursor – RIGHT ALT + / (Previously LEFT ALT + SPACEBAR)


Wield Sidearm – 1 (Number 1 on the keyboard)


Wield Primary Weapon – 2 (Number 2 on the keyboard)


Wield Secondary Weapon – 3 (Number 3 on the keyboard)


Holster Weapon – V *HOLD* (Previously J)


Weapon Stance / Walk: V


Heal With Medpen – H


Suicide / Shoot Yourself – RIGHT ALT + BACKSPACE


Turn on Suit Light – T (Previously O)


Exit Seat / Bed / Turret: LEFT ALT + F (Previously LEFT CTRL + F)




Crouch – CTRL


Prone – CTRL *HOLD*


Sprint – SHIFT *HOLD*

Hold Breath (While aiming) – SHIFT *HOLD*


Weapon Change Fire Mode: C


Reload: R


While in EVA:


Boost: SHIFT




Strafe Down: CTRL


Roll Left: Q


Roll Right: E


Strafe Left: A


Strafe Right: D


Yaw Left: LEFT ALT + A


Yaw Right: RIGHT ALT + D


Freelook: Z


Brake: X


In Flight Commands


Hud Mode: F3


Ship Self Destruct: RIGHT ALT + BACKSPACE


Toggle Lights (ship, buggy, on foot & EVA): T (Previously O)


Exit Pilot Seat (Also Exit Bed in Ship): RIGHT ALT + F (Previously CTRL + F)


Eject: RIGHT ALT + L (Double Press L) (Previously LEFT ALT + L)


Flight Mode (Precision, SCM, Cruise): V


Quantum Travel Mode: B


Landing Mode: N


Automated Landing: RIGHT ALT + N (Previously M)


Decoupled Mode Toggle: C


Look Behind / Camera View Mode: LEFT ALT + Z


Freelook Toggle: Z


Freelook: Z *HOLD*


Exit Seat / Turret: CTRL + F


Strafe Left: A (Previously Q)


Strafe Right: D (Previously E)


Roll Left: Q (Previously A)


Roll Right: E (Previously D)


Cycle Mouse Aim Mode: RIGHT SHIFT


Pin Target: P


Cycle Countermeasures: G


Launch Countermeasures: G *HOLD*


Know any other useful ones? Please let us know!