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Page Updated 29th June 2019 (Cargo)

The Anvil Valkyrie Dropship


The Valkyrie is a dropship gunship hybrid capable of delivering up to 20 troops and at least one vehicle to the action zone.


This aggressive ship has a max crew of 5 and was surprise-released in concept as flight ready for Alpha 3.3.

Original Sale DateOctober 2018 (Citizencon)
Concept Sale Price$330 Warbond
Max Crew5
Cargo30 SCU*
RoleMilitary Dropship
Official PageAnvil Valkyrie

*The Valkyrie was originally confirmed as having no cargo in the official Valkyrie Q & A. However, a 13th June 2019 post on Spectrum confirms that the Valk will indeed have some secured cargo space (as well as unsecured).

About The Valkyrie from Anvil Aerospace

Seize fate and turn the tide of battle with the Valkyrie. Rugged, high-performance jump seats safely transport up to twenty personnel into and out of the fray; a vehicle bay and speed ramp efficiently launch ground-based transports or reconnaissance vehicles for unmatched support; four powerful VTOL thrusters capacitate surgically precise take-offs and landings; and a devastating array of weaponry blurs the line between dropship and gunship.

- From the Valkyrie Concept Sale Page

The Valkyrie is labelled as the most efficient in its class. From the Concept Sale Page: "Built with military, militia, and private defense contractors in mind, the Valkyrie is the most efficient and effective troop personnel transport in its class."

The Valkyrie is classed as a "small" ship, meaning that the Aegis Redeemer could be the most efficient medium sized drop ship. The Valkyrie is small enough to fit inside some of the capital class ships with larger hangars.

Fun fact: The Valkyrie was the first ship released first time as Flight Ready. This makes it technically not a concept ship since most of its functionality was released at the same time as it was announced.

Who is the Valkyrie intended for?

Organizations and medium to large combat player fleets are most interested in the Valkyrie dropship. This ship is not recommended for solo players or small groups. Even though the ship has 5 beds the living quarters are extremely minimal and this ship should not be considered as a medium to long term base of operations.

The Valkyrie is efficiently suited to bringing troops and small vehicles to the hot zone. It can also provide limited air support for troops on the ground.

Is the Valkyrie good at making money (UEC)?

No. The Valkyrie is a military dropship for medium to large assaults. Unlike other military ships that can be used for bounty hunting or paid patrolling, the Valkyrie has a very specific role as a dropship and profits, if any, will be very indirect.

Missions could be available to drop off or pick up personnel, however, given the large scale of the Star Citizen universe it will be difficult for Valkyries to generate steady incomes, even if they are based near active combat zones.

Players might offer large rewards for safe extraction, however, the Valkyrie will still probably need to spend on a fighter escort further diluting any possible profits.

This ship seems mostly designed to serve in Squadron 42 and has been released early to Star Citizen due to its advanced development.

Summary: The Valkyrie, while fun to operate and essential for troop deployment, is not expected to earn a profit.

Can The Valkyrie Carry Cargo?

The 'Valk' is a dropship gunship. It does not have dedicated cargo capacity. The Valkyrie will have limited cargo area as well as the ability (as in all ships) to loosely place cargo and other objects in unused space.

By using up the vehicle space the Valkyrie can secure up to 30 SCU of cargo as of Alpha 3.6.

Update: 14th June 2019. The Valk will be getting a cargo grid equal to the vehicle storage area as mentioned on this official Anvil Valkyrie Post on Spectrum dated 13th June 2019.

Should I Buy The Valkyrie Because It's Such A Pretty Ship?

No. Even though the Valkyrie is a very good looking ship, it has a very focused role as a gunship dropship. It is not new player friendly and only has a use for specific military operations. Buying this ship for other purposes will cost even more money than using it for its intended role (which is also expected to lose players money).

Why Does The Valkyrie Not Make Money (UEC)?

The Valkyrie provides a tactical advantage when bringing troops to the battle. It will probably not make money even for missions designed for it - shuttling troops to the combat zone. Players at best will financially break even with this ship. However, usage of this ship is expected to be incredibly fun so it will still be very sought after.

Update June 2019: With the cargo capacity now at 30 SCU by sacrificing the vehicle transport capability, it makes the Valkyrie more versatile in scope and able to extract potentially more profits from missions.

Is The Valkyrie Overpriced?

Yes. However, given the ship's size and scope it is expected to continue to stay overpriced and even become more overpriced with time. Don't like the price? Don't buy it! The Valkyrie is very good looking ship hence why many players made the mistake of purchasing it. Keep in mind many more ships will be released (hundreds) and the dropship category will probably have several competitors at this size including the more stealthy Esperia Prowler.

What Ships Does The Valkyrie Fit Inside?

The Valkyrie does not fit inside an Idris, Polaris nor Javelin! CIG has been very specific about their metrics and there are in game reasons (though not mentioned) why the Valkyrie cannot be carried by the (Big Guns Of the UEE). As with all things Star Citizen - details matter!

The Crew Quarters Can Be Easily Vented!

Players seeking to own a Valkyrie should know that the crew quarters are designed intentionally to be easily ventable. This is a ship mostly designed to be used in breathable atmosphere and should not be opened in space unless all crew is prepared. This is a design decision for potentially gameplay balance reasons.

Picture Gallery

Anvil Valkyrie Video - Black Valk Down

This superb machinima by ZDF is entirely filmed in Star Citizen Alpha 3.5