Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 Loaner Ship Matrix

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Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 Loaner Rules

Backers who own ships not available in the PU (Persistent Universe) will receive respective loaner ships until those ship become "Flight Ready."

  • Loaner ships are not replacement ships. They are not intended to provide a 1:1 "best case substitute" for a ship that isn't flight ready yet.
  • Due to the current restrictions in Arena Commander, certain ships have a secondary loaner to allow them to play in all game modes i.e. the Freelancer MAX gets a Freelancer for PU and a Hornet for AC.
  • As new ships become available the loaners can be substituted by CIG.
  • Loaners are not permanent additions to players accounts. They are temporary until ships become flight ready.

Source: The official Concept Ship Loaners post on Spectrum.

Alpha 3.2 Notable Ship Matrix Changes

3.2 turned out to be a more interesting patch than we previously thought. Although pretty much the only major gameplay feature to be added, lots of enhancements to performance and the other features make for a much more enjoyable experience. Also the better frames in PTU have somewhat made it to the live servers, which makes a difference from previous patches where performance at live was worse.

Some of the notable changes are:

  • Orion now gets a Prospector loaner instead of a Reclaimer
  • Vulture loaner is the Prospector
  • 890 Jump gets 600i loaner

Loaner Matrix – Alpha 3.2

100 series300i
890 Jump 600i, 85x
Carrack Constellation Aquila, URSA Rover
Constellation Phoenix, Taurus Constellation Andromeda
Crucible Constellation Andromeda
Cutlass Variants Cutlass Black
Cyclone & Variants Cyclone Base, Aurora MR
Defender Khartu-al (Xi’an Scout)
DragonflyAurora MR
Endeavor Starfarer
Freelancer Variants Freelancer
Genesis Starliner Constellation Andromeda
Hammerhead Starfarer Gemini
Hercules StarlifterStarfarer Gemini
Hawk Cutlass Black
Hull A & B Freelancer
Hull CStarfarer
Hull D, EReclaimer
Idris-M & P Starfarer Gemini, MPUV Passenger
Javelin Starfarer Gemini, MPUV Cargo
Lynx Rover URSA Rover
Merchantman Starfarer
Nova URSA Rover
Orion Prospector
P-72 Archimedes P-52 Merlin
Pioneer Caterpillar
Polaris Starfarer Gemini
Prowler Vanguard Hoplite
Redeemer Vanguard Hoplite
Reliant Variants Reliant
Retaliator Retaliator Bomber
TerrapinF7C-M Super Hornet
Vanguard Harbinger & Sentinel Vanguard Warden
Vulcan Freelancer
X1 & Variants Nox


Please note, our loaner matrix list may be out of date. Please always check the official RSI website for up to date information.