Star Citizen Director Mode Camera Controls & Bindings

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Star Citizen Camera Controls – Director Mode -> Applies to latest update: Alpha 2.6   For 2.6 CIG released Director Mode  – a mode that allows players to control the camera in Star Citizen independently of the player character. Using Director Mode allows players to take spectacular in game screenshots and video. Here are the controls for Director Mode in … Continued

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.3 Key Bindings | Commands | Controls

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Useful Controls For Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.3: Star Marine Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.3 controls have yet again changed significantly since 2.5. Alpha 2.6 brings the fabled Star Marine FPS simulation as well as significant changes to the flight model. All controls and key settings can be found in game by accessing your options menu and looking for the Key Bindings … Continued