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Page Updated 10th December 2019

Anvil Arrow Light Fighter

The Arrow is a light fighter with a sleek design capable of excellent agility in and out of atmosphere.

Best suited for starting combat pilots this ship is maneuverable and features the toughness associated with Anvil Aerospace.

A powerful and nimble small fighter that was the most used ship between January and October 2019.

Original Sale DateNovember 2018 (Anniversary Sale)
Concept Sale Price$65 Warbond
Max Crew1
Cargo0 SCU
RoleLight Fighter
Official PageAnvil Arrow

About The Arrow from Anvil Aerospace

Boasting an ultra-aerodynamic frame, slight, sexy profile, and the most advanced maneuvering thruster tech available, the Arrow is among the quickest and nimblest light fighters on the civilian market.

- From the Arrow Concept Sale Page

The Anvil Arrow was the second ship ever to be presented while also being released as Flight Ready after the Anvil Valkyrie Dropship. This single crew light fighter is a more aerodynamic competitor to the Aegis Gladius.

This light fighter features a very sexy design and was a favorite of many players during the 2948 Anniversary Sales where it was presented during a free fly event and in-game expo.

At only 12m wide, 16m long and 4m tall, this small light fighter is ideal for deployment from carriers or ships with hangar space. The wings fold allowing for an even smaller volume during storage and transportation.

With the Anvil Aerospace toughness and a solid weapons loadout this ship really looks to "punch above its class". This is a short-range fighter best used from planetside bases or carriers.

Anvil Arrow Player Stats

RSI Released information about player stats from January to October 2019 and the Anvil Arrow took the top spot as the player used ship with most kills.

Who is the Arrow intended for?

The Arrow is suitable for a wide variety of players at different stages of the game. From starting combat pilots looking for an affordable ship to carrier based operations the Arrow provides several possibilities as a light fighter.

Due to its small size and foldable wings the Anvil Arrow should be deployable in high numbers from hangars. This ship is a small light fighter and it might be possible to outfit it with some stealth equipment also.

Veteran combat pilots could use large numbers of these small, nimble and fast fighters to "bewilder" other fighter operations.


Is the Arrow good at making money (UEC)?

For a light fighter it is expected that the Arrow should be quite capable at earning money from starting and low level combat missions. This ship will probably be quite affordable in game and present a good starting point for combat pilots in both atmosphere and in space.

Its small size means it should be also relatively cheap to transport in larger ships. However, its short range could be a negative factor for money making and will certainly limit the missions it can accept.

Is the Anvil Arrow a stealth ship?

No. The Arrow is not a stealth ship. However, due to the small size and the stealth mechanics planned in Star Citizen it is possible that the low signature combined with a "stealth" loadout could make the ship hard to detect. This means it can be considered stealthy even though it is not a specialized stealth ship.

How agile is the Arrow?

Extremely. It is labelled as one of the fastest and most agile in its class. Whether or not this is reflected in the current state of the game is another story. In any case, buying ships based on how they perform currently is always a bad idea as balance will and does happen continuously. This ship is intended to be more maneuverable than the Gladius. It is expected to be more agile than the Hawk but slightly slower.

Is the Arrow better than the Gladius?

No. It is a competitor of the Gladius. Better or worse will depend on the situation, pilots and ship loadouts.

Can the Arrow fit in the Carrack?

No. The Carrack's hangar is specifically designed to fit the Pisces.* The Arrow has been stated to fit in the following ships:

  • Idris
  • Kraken
  • Bengal
  • Javelin
  • Endeavor Hangar
  • 890 Jump
  • Polaris

*While the Arrow should not fit in the Carrack it is possible players will be able to fit it. This information is pending confirmation once the Carrack is flyable in 2020.

What component lines can the Arrow equip (Civilian, Industrial, Stealth, Performance and Military)?

The Arrow can use Military, Stealth and Civilian components and comes stock with Military components.

What is the range of the Arrow?

The arrow is a short range fighter mainly deployed from a carrier where it can refuel and restock. Do not expect to be freelancing all over a system or let alone travel between systems easily in this ship. This ship seems best suited for carrier deployment and single atmosphere missions on planets.

Can the Arrow really take out two Cutlass Blacks like the official trailer?

As a general rule you shouldn't buy ships based on what you can see them do in the ship commercials. It is better to read about the ship and understand the intended role it plays in the Star Citizen 'Verse.

It is worth noting that small fighters like the arrow are natural counters to medium combat ships like the Vanguard or Cutlass Black. Therefore, vs easy AI pilots or unskilled human pilots the Arrow can and does take out multiple ships such as two Cutlass Blacks and more.

The Arrow Starter Pack

The Arrow is available also as a Starter Pack for $90* (prices and taxes may vary based on location). Even though the Avenger pack is cheaper, the Arrow has been labeled as a Starter Pack. Aspiring combat pilots were left a bit short with the Mustang Alpha and Aurora MR and the Avenger Stalker package is more of a 2nd tier version of these two Starter Ships than a starter combat ship. Therefore the Anvil Arrow Starter Pack comes in as the place to start for combat pilots albeit at double the price.

While the Arrow Starter Pack comes with 6 month insurance it is worth noting the starting credits are just 1000 UEC. This isn't much considering the equally priced Avenger Titan comes with 2000 UEC. Military Grade components are more expensive so players should keep this in mind. Players opting to start with the Arrow Starter Pack should be sure to use a Star Citizen referral code for the absolutely necessary extra 5000 UEC. Choosing a combat profession will be a tough start and starting with just 1000 UEC will make it all the more challenging.

Top Arrow - Anvil Arrow

The Anvil Arrow was an instant crowd favorite receiving a lot of good words on Reddit as well as inspiring this Top Arrow video.


This video was filmed entirely in the game during Alpha 3.3.6. Movie by Tazz 99 and the United Federation of Danes.

Top Gun - Star Citizen

Another stunning Top Gun recreation Star Citizen video!


This video was filmed entirely in the game during Alpha 3.3.6. Movie by The Few, Phantom0Killer and Moist_Noodle.

Anvil Arrow Pictures