Anvil Pisces Ship Information – C8 & C8X Pisces

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The Anvil Pisces

The Pisces is a very compact and small ship which is also the "snub" of the Anvil Carrack. There are two variants of this ship the C8 Pisces and the C8X Pisces. This ship offers a swappable interior loadout which results in a high amount of versatility.

Anvil Pisces C8X

Anvil Pisces C8 (Snub of the Carrack)

About The Pisces

This small and nimble ship makes for a very good away craft. Small enough to fit in almost all hangars and yet spacious enough to be able to carry a pilot, 2 passengers and cargo.

The two variants of this ship differ in that the C8 is designed to be the snub of the Carrack while the C8X has been enhanced to make it into a capable stand-alone vessel.

The C8 comes with the Carrack while the C8X is available to purchase also as a starter pack (pending availability).

Anvil Pisces C8X

The C8X Pisces is the Exploration variant of the C8 Pisces. The C8X has 4 weapon hardpoints while the C8 only has 2 weapon hardpoints.

Anvil Pisces C8X Quick Facts

Original Sale DateNovember 2019
Concept Sale Price$45
Max Crew3
Cargo Capacity4 SCU
Official PageAnvil C8X Pisces

Anvil Pisces C8

The C8 Pisces is the standard version of the Anvil Pisces. It features 2 weapon hardpoints instead of the 4 weapon hardpoints of the C8X version.

Anvil Pisces C8 Quick Facts

Original Sale DateNovember 2019
Concept Sale PriceN/A (Comes with the Carrack)
Max Crew3
Cargo Capacity4 SCU
Official PageAnvil C8 Pisces

Anvil Pisces Cargo Capacity

Ships with less dedicated cargo space than the Anvil Pisces:

  • Origin 315P 2 SCU
  • Reliant SEN 2 SCU
  • Aurora MR 3 SCU

Ships with the same cargo space than the Anvil Pisces:

  • Mustang Alpha 4 SCU
  • Reliant Kore 4 SCU

Ships with more dedicated cargo space than the Anvil Pisces:

  • Aurora CL 6 SCU
  • Origin 135C 6 SCU
  • Avenger Titan 8 SCU

Pisces C8 & C8X Questions & Answers

These questions and answers are speculative and could vary from official sources. Always double check the information.

Is The Pisces A Good Starter Ship?

The Anvil Pisces makes for a great choice as a starter pack. While offering similar capabilities to the Aurora or Mustang it also offers seats for 2 additional crew. Its tiny silhouette also makes the ship very useful.

Does The Pisces Have Scanners?

The Anvil Pisces is capable of scanning using an upgradable radar and scanner. The standard radar and scanning suite, however, cannot scan for special types such as mining deposits. It is possible that in the future all scanners will be able to have some capability to detect various types of objects. This is to be determined.

Can The Pisces Scan For Mineable Rocks Or Other Deposits?

While the standard scanning and radar equipment will probably not be able to it should be possible to upgrade to other scanners that are suited for different scanning roles.  Additionally, it is possible that all scanners could eventually be able to detect most things albeit at nearer distance.

Can The Pisces Equip A Jump Drive?

Yes. The Pisces is designed to explore before the Carrack and therefore can jump. The Pisces comes standard with only a quantum drive (like other small ships) and therefore will need to add the Jump Drive Module attachment.

Can The Pisces Be Refueled Form The Carrack?

Yes. The Carrack (and other ships with dedicated hangars) can refuel ships in the hangar from their own supplies.


Both Hydrogen and Quantum fuel can be refueled by the Pisces this way while in the Carrack hangar.

Does The Pisces Have A Life Support System Inside?


Is The C8X Pisces Starter Pack Worth It?

The C8X Pisces starter pack is priced significantly higher than the Aurora MR or Mustang Alpha starter packs. However, the ship does offer decent specs as well as the option to seat two additional crew. Combined with the very compact size the C8X Pisces is a good starter ship option.

How Tough Is The Pisces?

The Pisces is designed to explore sometimes hostile areas and therefore is tough for its size. However, this doesn't mean it can be considered a very tough ship.

Can the Anvil Pisces Float On Water?

It is not currently estimated that the Pisces will float due its construction.

Who Is The Pisces For?

The Pisces is for explorers who either need a snub / away craft for their larger exploration ship (such as a Carrack or 890 Jump). The Starter version of the Pisces, the C8X is also a capable ship in its own right, able to explore with a lot of agility due to it's high speed and small size.