Star Citizen 2.2 Update – New Features List

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Updated: 7th March 2016

2.2 Live! is now available to all backers.

For more information about invitation waves for testers visit the Invite Wave FAQ on the RSI forums.


Patch notes for 2.2 available here


Commands can be found here


Key releases in Star Citizen 2.2

  • Aegis Sabre is now flyable
  • The Xi'An Scout (Xi’an Khartu-Al) is hanger ready
  • Klaus & Werner ATT4 energy rifle added
  • Research Missions are now offered to characters who visit ICC Probe 849
  • Port Olisar player cap increased from 16 to 24
  • Bounty system & icons in Crusader
  • Scale of the Crusader system has been adjusted
  • Augmented Reality (AR) view is "on" by default
  • EVA changed back to improved "Physical" EVA. EVA Boost (Hold Shift)
  • Pirates will spawn to defend disabled comm arrays. Crusader security will spawn to defend enabled comm arrays
  • New Component - Coolers added to the holotable
  • SCM and Cruise speeds re-balanced for all ships
  • FPS cover animations added
  • Improved frame rates & other optimisations


The Aegis sabre is now flyable.

Aegis-SabreAegis has released yet another superb combat machine designed to excel at space superiority fighting. While the combination of fixed and gimballed mounts may turn off some pilots, the ship is proving to be a popular dogfighter.

Xi'An Scout Hangar ready

With 2.2 comes the first alien ship in the game. While not flyable yet, the Xi'An Scout aka Xi'An Khartu-Al is available in hangar for people who own the ship. STLYoungblood has done an excellent job as always of showcasing this fine piece of Xi'An engineering, check out his video here.

Klaus-and-Werner-ATT4Klaus & Werner ATT4 Energy Rifle

The Klaus & Werner ATT4 rifle is now available in Crusader and can be found at least two ways. It can be found in Covalex and by killing a player with a level 5 bounty.

Check out the ATT4 rifle in action in this video 🙂