Star Citizen Progress Report April 2019

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Welcome to the April 2019 SC FOCUS Progress Report

Welcome to the April 2019 progress report about Star Citizen & Squadron 42. This info is intended to provide our org with information about the current status of both games. The long term goal is to provide a reasonable guesstimate for Star Citizen and Squadron 42 feature complete release date estimates.

The SC & S42 features completion page has been updated here:

Stretch Goal Completion Scoring

For this article completion for Star Citizen & Squardon 42 is scored based on a total of 104 features that were chosen to represent major gameplay milestones for both projects.

Previous reports: July 2018 and November 2018

Star Citizen & Squadron 42 Report Conclusion

Star Citizen is roughly 27% complete as of April 2019.

This represents an increase of 2% on our previous report in November 2018 and those features were both Squadron 42 required features.

April 2019 Progress Report (Details)

Squadron 42

From the last report only two of our tracked features can be considered playable - Multitool and Waypoints. Atmosphere was also considered but not included.

Star Citizen

No features deemed for Star Citizen only from our speculative list have changed status from the last progress report.

Progress Velocity

While in the previous progress report progress seemed to be speeding up, in this progress report it seems like a slowdown in terms of progress towards the features tracked. With focus expected to be on Squadron 42 it might be that until Squadron 42 is released progress on Star Citizen will be slower in comparison.

Squadron 42 Release Date

In the November 2018 report (before the Squadron 42 roadmap was released) we mentioned that " seems likely based on the progress charted that Squadron 42 release date will be sometime between December 2019 and December 2020.". The subsequently released Squadron 42 roadmap aims for a Beta of Q2 2020 and release by the end of that year.

In terms of formulating release date estimates it appears our previous estimates continue to fall short. This data will be taken into account when formulating future Star Citizen release date estimates also.



The list of 104 features used to track "progress" in this report are listed at the Star Citizen Completion Features Percentage Page. This is a highly simplified list of features out of thousands of technical, art and gameplay features that the game(s) could end up having. 104 were chosen as a simplified average set of gameplay features that were deemed to be included in what the author guesses is probably required in the final games to be considered "complete".

The data is gathered in as objective way as possible and is non-promotional in nature.


As always, this article does not represent the official views of Star Citizen. It is provided as speculation to help SC FOCUS org plan the strategy going forward. This information is provided to readers openly and freely and each reader is free to form their own opinion.