Star Citizen Resources

Whenever we come across particularly useful resources around the web relating to Star Citizen we will add them to this page.

Organization Stats - - Quickly and simply browse org statistics. View top orgs by growth or membership. Filter orgs by type. This is a useful tool for anyone looking for fast and easy Star Citizen org info.

10 For The Chariman Transcripts and other Q & A - A full archive of transcripts from Star Citizen Q & A sessions. Includes the functions to search via keywords, date range and more.

List of useful Youtube resources for Star Citizen

RSI - Official Star Citizen Channel. 

BoredGamer - Lots of great videos about ships, updates and how tos.

Terallian - Fan made Star Citizen machinima, videos, short movies and ship designs.

Tactical Advance - Star Citizen guides & videos.

Add your channel - If you'd like to add your Star Citizen Youtube channel to this list please contact us.