Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 Key Bindings | Commands | Controls

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Useful Controls For Star Citizen Alpha 3.3

For Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 controls and key bindings have changed very slightly from 3.3.

All controls and key settings can be found in game by accessing your options menu (press ESC) and looking for the Key Bindings tab.

Alpha 3.3 Options

Important Keys for Alpha 3.3:

  • The MISC Prospector can now mine both planetary bodies and asteroids
  • Press B to first spool the quantum drive - this brings up QT points also. F2 (Mobiglas) map also brings up travel locations
  • HOLD B to quantum travel after spooled and pointing towards marker. This will also speed up calibration
  • No key default binding for Decoupled
  • No key binding for rear view camera
  • Press H to exit seat
  • To go prone, first crouch (CTRL) then press X
  • Ship components can be overclocked via the ship's MFDs
  • FOIP Controls Have Been Activated (New in 3.3) - Read Below

Foip & Voip Controls in Alpha 3.3

  • FOIP & VOIP need to be enabled in the menu and Mobiglas Chat (see below)
  • "7" For Lookback Camera
  • "8" For Quick Camera Calibrate
  • Selfie - / (Backslash)

In Mobiglas you can turn the Camera and VOIP on or off as well as adjust the volume of each.

Alpha 3.3 Guide

New Players Star Here -> Official RSI Getting Started Guide ->

Mining Guide from Star Citizen Tools -

Printable Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings For Alpha 3.3

General Controls for Star Citizen Alpha 3.3

Pause / Options - ESC

Mobiglas - F1

Cycle Camera (1st person view 3rd person view) – F4 -> Full List of Camera Controls

Freelook Camera Mode Toggle – Z

Contacts List - F11

Chat - F12

Console - ~ (TILDE)

Activate Chat - Enter (After F12)

Mining Key Bindings for Star Citizen Alpha 3.3

Switch from Scanning to Mining laser - M

Fire Mining Laser - Button One

Switch From Fracture to Extraction Mining Laser and back - Mouse Button Two

Increase Mining Laser Power – Mouse Wheel Up

Decrease Mining Laser Power – Mouse Wheel Up

Scanning Key Bindings for Star Citizen Alpha 3.3

Scanning Mode Toggle - TAB

Scanning Radar Ping - Button One

Scanning Increase Radar Angle - C

Scanning Decrease Radar Angle – V

On Foot Controls For Star Citizen Alpha 3.3

Cycle Camera (1st person view 3rd person view) – F4 -> Full List of Camera Controls

Interact Mode (inner though / inspect) - F (HOLD)

Freelook Active - Z (3rd person only)

Mobiglas (Scoreboard) - F1

Map - F2

Force Respawn - BACKSPACE (HOLD)

Wield Sidearm – 1 (Number 1 on the keyboard)

Wield Primary Weapon - 2 (Number 2 on the keyboard)

Wield Secondary Weapon - 3 (Number 3 on the keyboard)

Select Gadget - 4 (Number 4 on the keyboard)

Use Item - G (HOLD)

Heal With Medpen - V

Refill Oxygen - B


Hold Breath (Aiming down sites) - LEFT SHIFT(HOLD)

Change Weapon Fire Mode - C

Turn on Suit Light / Flashlight – T

Reload - R

Holster Weapon - N

Walk / Jog - Scroll Mouse wheel

Crouch - LEFT CTRL

Prone - X

Roll Left (While Prone) - A (Double Tap)

Roll Right (While Prone) - D (Double Tap)


Lean Left - Q

Lean Right - E

Melee Attack - Mouse Button 3

COMBAT EMOTES IN Star Citizen Alpha 3.3

“In addition to everything else that comes with Star Marine, we have also implemented some basic combat signals to the keypad of the keyboard for Star Marine. These will broadcast at a much shorter range then a chat message or emote normally would, and allow players who are not in voice chat to convey very basic strategy to each other.” - From the Patch Notes

/left - Keypad 1

/stop – Keypad 2

/right – Keypad 3

/yes – Keypad 4

/forward – Keypad 5

EVA Commands For Star Citizen Alpha 3.3



Strafe Down: CTRL

Roll Left: Q

Roll Right: E

Strafe Left: A

Strafe Right: D

Freelook: Z

Brake: X

In Flight Commands For Star Citizen Alpha 3.3

Mobiglas / Scoreboard - F1

Flight / Systems Ready Toggle - Removed???

MFD Screen Up (when in free look) - W

Hud Screen Right (when in free look) - D

Hud Left Option (when in free look) - A

Hud Down Option (when in free look) - S

Exit Seat - H

Quantum Travel Drive - B

Quantum Travel / Jump - B (HOLD) - Calibrate Destination First and Spool Drive

Camera Mode - F4

Camera Zoom in 3rd Person - Hold F4 and Scroll Mouse Wheel

Freelook Toggle - Z

Freelook: Z (HOLD)

Ship Self Destruct: BACKSPACE (Hold)

Scan Mode - TAB

Scan Active Ping - Button One

Throttle Up: W

Throttle Down: S

Strafe Left - A (Previously Q)

Strafe Right - D (Previously E)

Strafe Up - SPACEBAR

Strafe Down - LEFT CTRL

Roll Left - Q (Previously A)

Roll Right - E (Previously D)

Reticle Focus - R

Target Nearest Hostile - T

Cycle Hostiles - Y

Cycle Hostiles Reverse Order: No Default Key Bind

Cycle Friendlies - U

Cycle Friendlies Reverse Order: No Default Key Bind

Cycle All - No Default Key Bind

Cycle Countermeasures: V

Launch Countermeasures: C

Gimbal Lock - No Default Key Bind

Boost - X

Afterburner - HOLD SHIFT

Space Break - CAPS LOCK

Respawn - X (Arena Commander)

Decoupled Mode Toggle - No Default Key Bind

Cycle IFCS Flight Mode - No Default Key Bind

Landing Mode Toggle - N

Automatic Landing - N (HOLD)

Request Landing Permission - Use the ship console [Menu -> Comms] or Mobiglas

Match Velocity Toggle: No Default Key Bind

Look Ahead - No Default Key Bind

Cycle Radar Range - Use the Ship's Radar

Toggle Lights - 5

Exit Pilot Seat - H

Cycle ESP - No Default Key Bind

Eject - No Default Key Bind

Rear View Camera - No Default Key Bind

Mining Mode - M

Afterburner Controls

You can only enter AB Cruise if your flight path is a straight, forward line. Otherwise you’re limited to AB SCM, i.e. while maneuvering/strafing.

Once in AB Cruise you can release the afterburner key and go into an AB idle mode to maintain your current speed. Throttle setting and y-axis strafe level allows incremental speeds, but you will decelerate if you change your vector.

If you continue to hold AB and maneuver, you drop to AB SCM speed until you return to straight-line flight. AB Idle holds your current velocity as long as you’re not maneuvering and decoupled rotation is allowed while in AB idle.