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Useful Controls For Star Citizen Alpha 3.8

Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 is a pretty big patch in terms of new controls. The important new features with new controls are:

  • Melee Combat Controls (Fisticuffs!)
  • New Camera Controls

All controls and key mappings can be found in game by accessing your options menu (press ESC) and looking for the Key Bindings tab. The same options allow you to rebind your keyboard layout and gamepad controller settings as you prefer.

Important NEW Keys for Alpha 3.8:

Alpha 3.8 adds a few additional controls and options:

  • Medical Beds (Carrack, 890 Jump and Cutlass Red) can now be used as respawn points
  • Weapon Systems Power Toggle: P
  • Shield Systems Power Toggle: O
  • Engines Systems Power Toggle: I
  • Power Toggle (On/Off): U
  • Selected Targets can be deselected with 0 (Number 0 on the keyboard)
  • To pull up fists for punching: (Number 0 on the keyboard)
  • Draw knife - 5 (Number 5 on the keyboard)
  • Added various dodges (see below)

Players can now use various kinds of melee attacks including light attacks (tap LMB/RMB) and heavy attacks (hold LMB/RMB). Attacks are directional (LMB for left, RMB for right) and can be chained together for combinations. Players can block incoming attacks using LMB + RMB together and facing the incoming direction. In addition to blocking, dodging is also a defensive option and can be activated by double tapping "A" (dodge left), "D" (dodge right), or "S" (dodge backward). Players can also do "takedowns" if they melee from an undetected direction, usually behind the target, and can be initiated using the middle mouse button. For knife attacks/takedowns, players will need to use a combat knife which can be found at various FPS weapon shops and equipped into a utility slot. When unarmed, melee attacks will do non-lethal damage and takedowns are non-lethal, meaning they will render another player unconscious for a brief moment rather than kill them.

Reference for notes:

Important Keys for Alpha 3.8:

  • Freelook has been enhanced for players to look around while seated or walking. Freelook in 3rd person - Z (HOLD)
  • Targets can be Hailed - 6
  • Acceleration can be limited with the Acceleration Limiter - RIGHT ALT + SCROLL MOUSE WHEEL
  • Terminals can be hacked with a Crypto Key. Equip key and use it by pressing Number 4
  • To Hack Crime Status first equip the item and then press 4 to use it
  • Boxes /items can be thrown by looking (more than 45 degree) up and DOUBLE CLICK LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
  • Gimbals for mining (or combat gimbal assist) can be cycled with R
  • Mining by hand (FPS Mining) can be done by first equipping the Multitool and then adding the Orbit Mining Attachment. The backpack is also required to store mined or harvestable items.
  • V-Tol Mode can be toggled: - J
  • Proximity Chat FOIP - LEFT ALT + + (left alt and plus sign on keypad)
  • FOIP Settings in Comms Channel
  • Players can share missions to party
  • Personal Inventory can be opened with I (While not seated in cockpit)
  • To check and set your camera keybindings go to OPTIONS -> KEYBINDINGS -> ADVANCED CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS

Landing Controls

VTOL Mode Toggle - J

Landing Gear Toggle - N

Increase / Decrease Accelerator - RIGHT ALT + SCROLL MOUSE WHEEL

Space Break / Stop Ship - X

Turret Controls

Turret Gyro Stabilization- G

Turret Gimbal Assist - R

Select Target Under Reticle - 1

Cycle Friendly Targets - 5

Cycle Friendly Targets Back - LEFT ALT + 5

Pin Selected Target - 1 (HOLD)

Cycle Hostile Targets - 3

Cycle Hostile Targets Back - LEFT ALT + 3

Target Nearest Hostile - LEFT ALT + 1

Reset Sub Target - 2 (HOLD)

Cycle Sub Target - 2

Cycle Sub Target Back - LEFT ALT + 2

Decrease Turret Sensitivity - Q

Increase Turret Sensitivity - E

Ship Sub Component Targeting

As of Alpha 3.4 players can target a ship's sub components such as the engines. This adjusts the pip location accordingly. The following are the new key bindings from Alpha 3.5 for Ship Sub Component Targeting:

Cycle Sub Component Targeting Forward - 2

Cycle Sub Component Targeting Back - LEFT ALT + 2

Reset Sub Component Targeting - 2 (HOLD)

Foip & Voip Controls

  • FOIP & VOIP need to be enabled in the menu and Mobiglas Chat (see below)
  • Quick Camera Calibrate - * (Numpad)
  • Selfie - - (Minus Numpad)
  • FOIP Head Tracking Toggle - / (Numpad)
  • Head Tracking (HOLD) - No Default Key Binding
  • Commlink App toggle - F11
  • FOIP Push To Talk - + (Numpad)
  • FOIP Push To talk (Proximity Only) - LEFT ALT + + (Numpad) - New!

In Mobiglas you can turn the Camera and VOIP on or off as well as adjust the volume of each.

Printable Key Bindings for Alpha 3.8.2 (PDF)

Download print friendly Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad and Joystick mappings in easy to print format.

This printable PDF key bindings for Alpha 3.8.2 were found online:

Note: This PDF if from a 3rd party website and potentially rival ORG. Data is provided because it is the best available found source - thank you and praise to the author - hstaphath.

Cockpit Controls for Star Citizen Alpha 3.8

Flight / Systems Ready Toggle - R

Exit Seat - Y

Emergency Exit Seat - U + Left Shift

Open / Close Doors Toggle - K

Lock / Unlock Doors Toggle - L

Look Behind - No Default Key Binding

Weapons Systems Power Toggle (Power preset 1) - P - New!

Shield Systems Power Toggle (Power preset 2) - O - New!

Engine Systems Power Toggle (Power preset 3) - I - New!

Power Toggle - U

Power Preset 1 - F7

Power Preset 2 - F6

Power Preset 3 - F5

Reset Power Distribution - F8

General Controls for Star Citizen Alpha 3.8

Pause / Options - ESC

Mobiglas - F1

Cycle Camera (1st person view 3rd person view) – F4 -> Full List of Camera Controls

Freelook Camera Mode Toggle – Z

Freelook Camera - HOLD Z + MOVE MOUSE

Advanced Camera Controls Modifier - Z (HOLD)

Contacts List - F11

Chat - F12

Console - ~ (TILDE)

Activate Chat - Enter (After F12)

Dynamic Zoom In/Out - F4 (HOLD) + SCROLL MOUSE WHEEL

Interaction & Personal Inventory Controls for Star Citizen Alpha 3.8

Open Personal Inventory - I

Interaction Mode - F

Drop Item - Numpad 3

Store All Commodities - Numpad 4

Interaction Mode Zoom In  - MOUSE WHEEL UP

Interaction Mode Zoom Out - MOUSE WHEEL DOWN

Decrease Throw Power - Button 2 (mouse)

Exit - Numpad 0

Ship Mining Key Bindings for Star Citizen Alpha 3.8

Switch from Scanning to Mining laser - M

Fire Mining Laser - Mouse Button One

Switch Mining Laser - Mouse Button Two

Increase Mining Laser Power – Mouse Wheel Up

Decrease Mining Laser Power – Previously Mouse Wheel Up

Cycle Mining Laser Gimbal - R

FPS Mining Key Bindings for Star Citizen Alpha 3.8

Equip Multitool - 4

Fire Mining Laser - LEFT MOUSE BUTTON

Increase Mining Laser Power – Mouse Wheel Up

Decrease Mining Laser Power – Mouse Wheel Up

Notes: In order to equip the multitool players must first purchase it as well as the mining attachment. Also the Rucksack must be purchased and equiped in order to mine.

Scanning Key Bindings for Star Citizen Alpha 3.8

Activate Scanning Mode - TAB

Activate Scanning - Mouse Button One

Scanning Ping - Mouse Button Two

On Foot Controls For Star Citizen Alpha 3.8

Cycle Camera (1st person view 3rd person view) – F4 -> Full List of Camera Controls

Interact Mode (Inner thought / Inspect) - F (HOLD)

Freelook Active - Z (3rd person only)

Mobiglas (Scoreboard) - F1

Map - F2

Force Respawn - BACKSPACE (HOLD)

Wield Sidearm – 1 (Number 1 on the keyboard)

Wield Primary Weapon - 2 (Number 2 on the keyboard)

Wield Secondary Weapon - 3 (Number 3 on the keyboard)

Use Special Item / knife (after you have purchased and equipped one) - 4 (Number 4 on the keyboard)

Use Special Item #2 (after you have purchased and equipped one) - 5 (Number 5 on the keyboard)

Select Contract Item - 6 (Number 6 on the keyboard)

Throw Item (Grenade) - G

Heal With Medpen - C

Refill Oxygen - B


Hold Breath (Aiming down sites) - LEFT SHIFT(HOLD)

Change Weapon Fire Mode - V

Turn on Suit Light / Flashlight – T

Reload - R

Holster Weapon - R (HOLD)

FPS Underbarrel Attachment Action - U - New!

Walk / Jog - Scroll Mouse wheel

Crouch - LEFT CTRL

Prone - X

Roll Left (While Prone) - A (Double Tap)

Roll Right (While Prone) - D (Double Tap)


Lean Left - Q

Lean Right - E

Melee Attack - Mouse Button 3


Open Personal Inventory - I

Combat Emotes in Star Citizen Alpha 3.8

/left - Keypad 1

/stop – Keypad 2

/right – Keypad 3

/yes – Keypad 4

/forward – Keypad 5

/no – Keypad 6

EVA Commands For Star Citizen Alpha 3.8



Strafe Down: CTRL

Roll Left: Q

Roll Right: E

Strafe Left: A

Strafe Right: D

Freelook: Z

Brake: X

In Flight Commands For Star Citizen Alpha 3.8

Mobiglas / Scoreboard - F1

MFD Screen Up (when in free look) - W

Hud Screen Right (when in free look) - D

Hud Left Option (when in free look) - A

Hud Down Option (when in free look) - S

Quantum Travel Drive - B

Quantum Travel / Jump - B (HOLD) - Calibrate Destination First and Spool Drive

Camera Mode - F4

Camera Zoom in 3rd Person - Hold F4 and Scroll Mouse Wheel

Freelook Toggle - Z

Freelook: Z (HOLD)

Ship Self Destruct: BACKSPACE (HOLD)

Scan Mode - TAB

Activate Scanning - Mouse Button One

Scanning Ping - Mouse Button Two

Throttle Up: W

Throttle Down: S

Strafe Left - A

Strafe Right - D

Strafe Up - SPACEBAR

Strafe Down - LEFT CTRL

Roll Left - Q

Roll Right - E

Reticle Focus - 1

Target Nearest Hostile - LEFT ALT + 1

Cycle Hostiles - 3

Cycle Hostiles Reverse Order: LEFT ALT + 3

Cycle Friendlies - 5

Cycle Friendlies Reverse Order: LEFT ALT + 5

Cycle All - No Default Key Bind

Cycle Countermeasures: H

Launch Countermeasures: G

Gimbal Lock / Gimbal Assist / Standard Gimbal - Cycle Modes - R

Boost - Removed in Alpha 3.5

Afterburner - LEFT SHIFT (HOLD)

Space Break - X

Respawn - X (Arena Commander)

Decoupled Mode Toggle - V

Cycle IFCS Flight Mode - Removed in 3.5

Landing Mode Toggle - N

Automatic Landing - N (HOLD)

Request Landing Permission - Use the ship console [Menu -> Comms] or Mobiglas

Match Target Velocity Toggle: No Default Key Bind

Look Ahead - No Default Key Bind

Cycle Radar Range - Use the Ship's Radar or bind a key

Toggle Lights - T (Previously 5)

Exit Pilot Seat - Y (Previously H)

Cycle Toggle - No Default Key Bind

Eject - Y (HOLD)

Rear View Camera - Z

Mining Mode - M

Cruise Control - C

Speed Limiter Toggle - No Default Key Binding

Hail Target - 6 (Previously H)

VTOL Mode Toggle - J

Vehicle Commands For Star Citizen Alpha 3.8

Horn - SPACEBAR - New!

Break - X

Afterburner Controls

Since Alpha 3.5 you can use afterburner at any time and boost is gone. It is no longer required to be moving in a straight line to use Afterburner. Afterburner has not changed for Alpha 3.8.

Quantum Enforcement and Interdiction Controls

In Alpha 3.7 the RSI Mantis was introduced with the ability to interdict and suppress quantum travel. Quantum Enforcement and Interdiction controls can be found in the ship controls using interaction mode - Hold F and look around with the mouse.