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Star Citizen Occupations List

The Star Citizen universe is scheduled to have a massive economy that is living and breathing. “Star Citizen is, at its heart, a vast living world that combines a remarkably detailed space combat simulation with an equally in-depth model of the economy of a star-spanning empire.” - From the Star Citizen Economy


With such a complex and interdependent economy there will be many roles available for players. This post examines some of the more certain roles that will exist and then at the end of this article, we will look at some of the more hypothetical roles that may one day exist in the ‘verse.

So let’s look at some of the professions that will very likely be available. Please note that in Star Citizen there is no leveling or character skill selection, player roles will simply be how they choose to play.

Professions Coming Soon (3.0 and on)

Future Professions


Trading / Cargo Hauling

UPDATE (16/04/2017)
Trading and cargo hauling are in the production schedule for 3.0. Please visit our update page for more information: View Our Star Citizen Release Date Estimates

The Star Citizen economy will require a vast array of cargo transport to keep the empire working. If a certain material runs low in one system it will have to be brought in. As seen originally in Wing Commander Privateer the price of goods could vary in different locations and a player could take on shipping contracts offered by the computer network called Trade and Development Division.

The TDD will generate trading jobs where players will receive UEC currency for shipping goods from one location to another.

This video shows how interactions will happen with Cargo. You will also be able to move cargo inventory around with the help of your MobiGlas device ( See also this video).


With the importance of cargo being so high there are very large Cargo Hauling Ships, the largest of which is currently the Hull-E.
The Banu Merchantman represents an entire flying marketplace.

View the Stor-All container information here

Cargo and Trading Questions & Answers

Will the loading of cargo onto bigger ships be automated or will specialized small cargo loading ships like the Argo be required?

  • Loading and unloading of cargo ships will require storage containers and cargo to be moved and loaded. This may be carried out by players or NPCs. Expect large ships to take longer to load / unload cargo and for crews to have to be hired. Some stations will provide more loading / unloading facilities than others. For example, large space ports will have many systems in place to speed up the process. More remote locations will require more involvement from the crew.
  • Cargo loading / unloading can be an independent profession.
  • Loading of large ships in space harbors can be manual or automatic. In the case of automatic loading NPC crews will be used.


What type of hazards can we expect when cargo running?

  • When cargo running there will be wear and tear of components that will need fixing during journeys. Additionally there will be the following potential hazards to name a few: Pirates, comets, meteors, small black holes, derelict ships and more!


How will item persistence work for spawning and spawning items?

  • Small disposable items like bullet casings will despawn.
  • Large and important items will stay in the area based on an "area manager" which programatically controls the longevity of the items in a given area. Rare items, cargo, ships and such will persist.
  • Broken windows on space stations will create job tasks for cleaning & maintenance crews (human and NPC).


Will ship autopilot be available or do pilots need to be the flight seat?

  • During long periods of cruise, quantum or other travel, it will be possible to set the ship into autopilot mode to be able to carry out maintenance, preparations or any number of tasks. Ships will automatically be pulled out of their flight mode to avoid obstacles or dangers.


UPDATE (19/04/2017)

With the current 3.0 schedule (info available here) it appears that mining could be coming in some future patch post 3.0. Since many of the features required for mining are also required for 3.0 we believe that mining will come at a future announced update.


About The Mining Profession in Star Citizen

Mining was the first occupation to be detailed in Star Citizen and represents the best example of a profession which is not only essential to the running of the universe but also one that is being built to not be boring. This is quite a challenge because in most MMOs mining is synonymous with redundant and low skill labour.

In CIG’s own words:

Mining presents players with a variety of challenges requiring skill and intelligence, whereas mindless repetition of a task and idle drudgery are explicitly avoided. There are no aspects of mining that allow a player to simply press a button and wait without concern for a result, or that require players to perform an action repeatedly without some element of thought and/or dexterity coming into play.

In Star Citizen, the construction of everything from missiles to ship plating will require resources. Players will use the resources either directly, such as applying a specific mix of elements to repair a ship’s hull or indirectly, for example, a factory on a planet that is not player controlled will require certain resources to be able to produce missiles.

Should a particular resource be exhausted in a given system this will cause an increase in demand as well as price for said resource. This information will be spread throughout the verse via the job system and will propagate at the speed of communications in Star Citizen spawning job information for players to take up contracts.

Additionally, it might not be possible to make a specific product in the system if there is a shortage of one or more required commodities - this would also drive up the price of the product (such as missiles). Will players be willing to buy missiles at a premium to conduct their military activities in a system that is temporarily unable to manufacture any due to a resource shortage?

Imagine traversing several jump points and using up missiles and ballistic ammo in combat during the journey and arriving at your destination star system only to find out there is a shortage of missiles and ammo! Luckily it won’t be just players that have to mine to keep the empire well stocked as NPCs will also be performing dynamically generated missions based on supply and demand to ensure minimum stocks for essential products are maintained throughout the empire. Since there will be an estimated 9 NPCs to every player, CIG is able to control the economy hence why Star Citizen does not have a true player run economy like in some other MMOs.

It is also important to note that mining in star citizen can be a risky endeavour as the most lucrative resources will be in dangerous to reach and extract.

From CIG about the dangers of mining:

The most valuable materials will often reside deep within a dense field, the result of less experienced pilots being unable to extricate them without suffering serious damage to their ship. Compressed pockets of gas, volatile materials that can explode in the presence of excessive energy (which is required in some capacity in order to liberate the ore from its parent asteroid), and elements that can explode when subjected to seismic vibrations as caused by repeated fragmentation operations all present their own unique types of jeopardy.

Freelance Mining vs Contracted Mining

Mining will have costs associated with the profession. Ship fuel, mining materials, wear and tear, and NPC crew hire costs are just some of the costs associated with mining that players will encounter. Miner’s who choose to pick their own mining jobs can achieve bigger rewards than contracted miners who take known jobs for known rewards but freelance miners also run a bigger risk. This minigame created by CIG introduces the player to some of the mining concepts that will exist in Star Citizen.

Careers: Mining
WIP Prospector
Mining Rocks
Orion Mining Platform
10 For The Chairman - Professions in Alpha 3.0

Mining Questions & Answers

What type of hazards can we expect when mining?

  • Players who embark on mining missions will face some of the similar threats that traders and explorers will face. Mini black holes, radiation, meteors, pirates and more.


CR: Yeah, I had else to say that the other things, well obviously we talked about mining potentially hitting a gas vent that can cause an explosion and those sort of things.


Will a player need to be in a mining guild to pick up the most lucrative contracts?

  • There will usually be entryway points where you can do "junior" mining missions. Then you will build up a personal reputation that’s global, everybody knows how good you are in general at this particular profession versus that one, etc. You get into the personal relationships to where you worked your way up.


Merc / Escort

UPDATE (16/04/2017)
This profession could be featured in Alpha 3.0 release. Read more information on our release estimate page.

Mercenaries and security escorts will be necessary professions to assist with mining and shipping operations which are crucial for the functioning of the empire. Guns for hire jobs will be readily available.

Source: OPNET Personal Security


Bounty Hunting

UPDATE (16/04/2017)
Bounty hunting could appear as a profession in Alpha 3.0 release. Read more information on our release estimates.

Capturing and killing outlaws and figures of interest make up some of the Bounty Hunter profession that is very popular and features dedicated vessels like the 300i “... flown by the hottest bounty hunters in the galaxy... ” - from this sale.

Source: Bounty Hunting News piece


Military roles will be varied from police type work to massive battles against Vanduul fleets. Players will be able to take on defense roles from the electronic job board as well as from other players who need soldiers in their crews.


Outlaws and pirates are a large part of the game making up some very large organizations (examples: TABOO and OVERDRIVE).

Additional source:



Eventually there will be many locations added to the Public Universe that will create discovery opportunities. Vessels equipped with sensors will scan distant locations such as asteroid fields for minable resources. Exploration opportunities will grow in tandem with the universe.

Exploration could be one of the most dangerous professions but also one of the most rewarding. Especially with the promise of your name being entered into The Ark.
This Star Citizen mini-game is an example of the gameplay we can expect from the exploration role


Exploration Video

This video from TheNOOBIFIER1337 is a great introduction to the exploration profession. Must watch!


Star Citizen is, at heart, a space sim and ship to ship combat will be the center of the action. Ships will need frequent repairs and modifications making ship repair a lucrative enterprise.

Ships like the Anvil Crucible will make deep space repairing a real enterprise.


Ship Repair & Maintenance
Anvil Crucible Q & A


Tuning / Engineering

Star Citizen ships are made up of components such as shield generators and power plants. These components can be modified to tweak performance.

The MISC Endeavor even features an entire particle supercollider so that players may have the very best equipment whether they be racing or dogfighting.

The most visually unique Endeavor module, the distinct circular supercollider is actually only one small piece of a more elaborate overclocking facility. This large module includes a pair of ‘white room’ workbench labs ideal for tweaking and overclocking starship components. Enthusiasts and professionals seeking to push their weapons, thrusters or other upgrades to the limit can do so with atomic precision thanks to the attached accelerator that allows for safe testing of new theoretical limits; raising the bar on component performance as high as possible.” - From The Endeavor


With character death being a big deal in Star Citizen the healing profession is going to be very busy. There will be NPC’s that can be hired as medics for your crew but will they perform as well as a player surgeon when an emergency occurs?


Healing Your Spaceman
Death Of A Spaceman


Given the importance of goods in verse, being able to retrieve valuables from wrecks and other locations will be a good source of income. Sometimes fighter ships may receive catastrophic damage and may need to be recovered and the Aegis reclaimer is the latest in greatest in ship salvage.

Source: The Reclaimer


What’s in store for salvaging? What’s it going to be like? (From 10 FTC - Professions in Alpha 3.0)


Salvage is broken down into two different concepts: Scavenging and scrapping.

Scavenging involves extracting entire pieces of value from other ships - engines, weapons, cargo, etc...

Scrapping is the extraction of the raw materials from a derelict. Pulling off metal plating from wings is an example of scrapping.
Scanning will play a key role as scanners will be able to identify the composition of hulls for scrapping.


Info Runner / Hacking

Transporting information about valuable locations can yield high rewards. There is a dedicated ship for info running called the Drake Herald.

From here

Drake Herald – Knowledge is power, and one of the most valuable commodities is pure information: the 1s and 0s behind everything from UEC ledgers to Citizenship ratings. Whether it’s colonists struggling to stay in contact with the UEE’s central worlds or criminals trading in illicit data, there will always be a need to securely move data. The Drake Herald, small, armored ship, is designed to fit that need and safely get that information from Point A to Point B. Featuring a powerful central engine (for high speed transit and generating the power needed for effective data encryption/containment), advanced encryption software and an armored computer core, the Herald is unique among personal spacecraft in that it is designed to be easily ‘cleaned’ when in danger of capture. The Herald includes an array of heavy duty internal options for data protection, including redundant power subsystems and EMP shielding, and a high-powered broadcast array for data transmission.

Electronic warfare also plays a role in the game with ships like the Avenger Warlock able to use EMP (currently playable) to knock out other ship’s systems temporarily.



One of the most polished gameplay elements is racing. While players can currently compete in the Arena Commander simulator, the PU is still waiting to receive it’s racing mechanics. The Alpha 2.5 patch brought in Grimhex - an asteroid station with a racecourse.

Read more sources of racing information in Star Citizen:

Lore Builder Racing Sataball
The Murray Cup
Lore Builder Racing
Racing Ships Available



Farming is certainly intended to be a viable profession within the Star Citizen universe, and depending upon the level of risk a player is willing to endure and the skill and knowledge that they bring to bear anything from a meager existence to an opulent lifestyle may be attained.


MISC Endeavour Q & A Part 3

There will probably be planet-based and space-based farming but it seems unlikely that certain foods will have to be consumed for survival mechanics.

Source: MISC Endeavour


Passenger Transport / Taxi driver

The galaxy is big and getting around can be expensive. It might be cheaper to hire a ride to get from one place to another than to bring out your own potentially expensive-to-run starship.

With planetary landings possible this means that the danger of players becoming stranded is a real possibility. Being able to pick up stranded players could pay handsomely depending on urgency and danger level of the location. Space Taxi profession confirmed!


Genesis Starliner

Genesis Starliner Q & A

Design Civilian Passenger Transport

24 Million Goal


Luxury / Diplomatic Transport

Ships like the 600i could potentially be used to transport special envoys to and from exclusive events. It's worth noting that those who wish to embark on a life of VIP transport will probably need to gain reputation in established networks to reach the juiciest luxury transport missions. Diplomacy could be an unconfirmed profession but transporting NPCs to and from Diplomatic meetings could potentially earn you a living with a luxury ship.



There are very large player run organisations and it will be advantageous for other orgs to know where to strike. Infiltrated players into enemy factions will be a gameplay mechanic not for the faint-hearted.


Science Research

Exploring in Star Citizen will sometimes result in unidentified items being discovered that will need to be scientifically processed with the right instrumentation to discover their composition and secrets. Although this mechanic is still far from being implemented, there is a little information out there hinting at potential gameplay.

Further reading: The Endeavor


Search & Rescue

Escape pods are and ejection seats have a use in Star Citizen. Sometimes players will be in need of rescue and there are dedicated S & R ships like the Drake Cutlass Red.

The Endeavour Hope Class is also a dedicated flying hospital:

"Dubbed ‘Hope-class’ by the United Empire of Earth, which uses the design as a troop support ship, the medical variant of the Endeavor comes standard with a Medical Bay and a Landing Bay attached."



News Reporter

Further reading: MISC Reliant Mako News Van



As can be seen in these images, there are beverages in the verse of various effects. Star Citizen currently includes a mechanic for getting drunk (Video). Serving exotic drinks from around the verse at your bar on your spaceship may even be a lucrative profession!



Ships consume fuel to travel around the verse and there are dedicated refueling ships such as the Misc Starfarer in the game to make sure your fleet can travel that much farther into the unknown.



Most of those who are willing to traverse on to the planets are xenoarchaeologists and tomb raiders. Despite the widespread devastation, thousands of structures have been identified on Hades’ graveyard worlds, and many more are believed to exist underground. Countless artifacts are taken (or stolen) from these sites each year, and it is believed that there are a number of ongoing, formal ‘outlaw’ operations running to try to locate some of the technology that the Hadesians used to destroy themselves.

From Galacti Guide Hades System


Space Tourist

Let's face it, Star Citizen is a beautiful living universe that will have breathtaking vistas. There are luxurious ships in the game that are designed for space tourism. The Origin 890 Jump even has a boat hangar so that the lucky 1% can take out their speedboat for a spin... on distant planets.

For those with less UEC in their accounts, the Consolidated Outlander Mustang Beta offers the more traditional camper van in space experience.



The alien species in Star Citizen have their own detailed languages. This means that translators will be required to communicate with alien NPCs who do not speak english. Additionally, since alien relics, items and artifacts will be discoverable, it will be required to have accurate translations to identify components and other valuables retrieved. Read more about CIG’s creation of alien languages.


Sataball Player

Sataball is a game popularised by the movie Ender’s Game and Star Citizen hosts it’s very own Sataball as a popular galactic playable sport.

Additional reading:
Lore Builder Sataball

Ship Delivery

In the Star Citizen universe, ships are real objects that persist, even when the player is logged out. When a ship is purchased or replaced through insurance, it may need to be delivered to the location of the player. For example, if a player is at the ship dealership on a planet but the replacement ship is only available in a near by system, the ship dealership may employ a single ship delivery pilot, also known as Iso Pilot (short for isolated pilot). Other ship delivery crew configurations also exist and it will be up to the player to decide which system is best for them (and most profitable). The best pilots will be able to single handedly deliver the largest of ships while others may have to settle for a smaller cut by working in a team.

It's important to note that small ships can be delivered inside other ships but for large ships, depending on insurance level and risk locations, it may require a solo pilot to perform the delivery. This career seems to be the most profitable when performed alone.

Additional reading:
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