Getting Started – Buying a game package / Choosing A Ship

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This article is Part 2 of a 3 part series for getting started.
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Part 2 - Choosing a game package

So you've taken the plunge and decided to buy your first ship and game package! Like with most things Star Citizen, one does not simply buy a game package. The choices are varied and making the best choice will ultimately depend on your play style, preference and budget.

To begin you need to decide whether you want to purchase Star Citizen, Squadron 42 or both.

The differences are as follows:

Star Citizen

  • Massively Multiplayer Persistent Universe
  • Includes Arena Commander and Star Marine Simulations
  • Does not include Squadron 42 single player campaign

Squadron 42

  • Single Player Campaign
  • Star studded cast including Mark Hamil, Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson and others
  • Includes Arena Commander & Star Marine Simulations (multiplayer)
  • Does not include Massively Multiplayer Persistent Universe


Star Citizen & Squadron 42

Any game packages that include both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will include both the single player and MMO universe as well as Arena Commander and Star Marine multiplayer battle arenas. Update February 2018: Currently the only Combo packages available are the Mustang and Aurora starter packages. For other packages Squadron 42 must be purchased as an-add on.


What Game Package Should I Buy?

The vanilla experience (perhaps the most entertaining way to play the game and the original vision) is for the player to start with a starter ship and work your way up doing missions, gaining more money (UEC is the currency in the Star Citizen universe) and buying better ships in the game as you grow your economy.

To this aim, we recommend starting with one of the appropriately named Starter Packages.

Currently, there are two options of starter package that include both Star Citizen and Squadron 42. The packages are as follows (March 2018):

Both packages cost the same with the difference being the ship that comes with the package.

Both combo starter packages feature:

  • Star Citizen Digital Download (The MMO universe)
  • Squadron 42 Digital Download (The single player campaign)
  • SelfLand Hangar
  • Digital Squadron 42 Manual
  • Starting Credits: 1000 UEC (Get 5000 UEC extra by using the referral code: STAR-H3MY-F5SH)
  • 3 month ship insurance

Should I buy the Aurora MR Starter Package or the Mustang Alpha Starter Package?

So you’ve decided to buy a Star Citizen starter game package but you’re not sure what ship is right for you?


RSI Aurora MR vs Mustang Alpha



Aurora MR Starter Package
Mustang Alpha vs Aurora MR

Read our Aurora MR vs Mustang Alpha breakdown here. Both the Aurora MR package and the Mustang Alpha package come with starting in game currency of 1000 UEC. Please view our referral page so you can create an account using this referral code: STAR-H3MY-F5SH before you purchase you can get an additional 5000 UEC starting currency with any game package.

Prices may vary!

What About The Avenger?

The Avenger is an extremely popular starting option. The Avenger Stalker game package costs $75* and comes with 2000 UEC starting credits. However, the Avenger Stalker comes with prisoner cells which sacrifices some of the cargo hold. The Avenger Titan, on the other hand, is a cheaper option but does not come with a game package. The affordable option to have a stronger starter ship is to purchase the Mustang Alpha game package and then upgrade using the cross chassis upgrade system from the website.

The Mustang Alpha gives an extra $5* value over the Aurora MR package so many players recommend buying the Mustang Alpha package and then upgrading to the Avenger Titan for an extra $20*.

The Avenger Titan offers a lot of versatility (including 8 SCU of cargo capacity). Also important to note that the Avenger Stalker package comes with 2000 UEC starting currency while the Mustang Alpha comes with 1000. Since the Avenger is a more expensive ship to operate, those players upgrading from the Mustang to the Avenger Titan should be sure to use the referral code for the additional 5000 UEC.

Buying other game packages

Other game packages above the Starter Ships start from about $60* for the Origin 100i and come with Star Citizen but not Squadron 42.

Options include:

  • Origin 100i Package $60* (currently unavailable)
  • Avenger Stalker Package $75*
  • Cutlass Black: $115*
  • Hornet F7C: $125*
  • Freelancer: $125*
  • Constellation Andromeda: $275*

*Prices quoted are in USD (without VAT). RSI ship prices and taxes vary by location so please check. The point of presenting the price is to show the relative difference in price between ship packages strictly for comparison purposes.
*game package does not include squadron 42.

Please note that purchasing a game package with a ship more expensive than the Starter packages does not necessarily make a better gaming experience. The game is intended to be played by starting from the “starter” ships and working your way up (a la GTA).


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