Getting Started With Star Citizen Part 1 – Creating an Account

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This post is Part 1 of a 3 part series dedicated to people who want to get started with Star Citizen but don't know where to begin.
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Part 1 - Create a player account


Whether you have decided to buy star citizen or not, you can create a player account for free and even play for free during special “free fly” weekends and events.

By creating an account with this Referral Code (STAR-BJ5V-C9CX) you will receive 5000 free UEC starting credits when the game launches if you ever end up buying a game package for Star Citizen.

Click here to create an account and enlist free (note you will need to purchase a game package to play the game unless there is a free fly event).

Can my computer run star citizen?

Currently, since the game is still in Alpha development it is difficult to know how well it will run on your computer if at all. The best test for this is to create an account and then wait for a free fly event to play the game for free during a limited time and test if your computer handles the game.

The performance of the public universe can be heavily impacted by unoptimized servers so the more accurate test for how the game will run on your computer is to use the Arena Commander simulator. If you are getting decent frame rates in Arena Commander (racing and ship to ship combat) then chances are your game will run well when the public universe is optimized. The hangar is also another place where performance will be more akin to the real thing. However, it is worth noting that a lot can still change from here until release.

Looking for a powerful rig to run Star Citizen without breaking the bank? Please check out these shopping comparison sites for prices:

Just remember, if you have not yet committed to Star Citizen you can sign up for an account now for free and then purchase both the computer and the game at a later date.
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