600i – Origin Jumpworks 600i Information

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The Origin Jumpworks 600i The Origin Jumpworks 600i comes in two variants, the Touring Module and the Exploration Module. Both are covered in this article. Ship Description (source paraphrased): Let the voyage begin with the 2947 600i from Origin Jumpworks. This multi-role luxury vessel from Origin Jumpworks features an exquisitely detailed hull design. The 600i is designed with a cutting … Continued

Reclaimer – Aegis Reclaimer Information

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The Aegis Reclaimer Ship Description (source): A dedicated salvage and reclamation platform, the Reclaimer is the perfect ship for venturing into the ‘Verse in search of riches and secrets. The Aegis Reclaimer Quick Factsheet Original Sale Date September 2014 Concept Sale Price $350 Max Crew 5 Length Unknown (over 200m estimated) Role Salvage Official Page Aegis Reclaimer The Aegis Reclaimer … Continued

Tumbril Cyclone

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Tumbril Cyclone The Cyclone is a land vehicle that comes in 5 types: CYC, CYC-TR, CYC-RC, CYC-RB and CYC-AA.   Tumbril Cyclone Variants The list of Tumbril Cyclone variants can be found on the RSI website here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships?sort=store&search=&itemType=ships&storefront=pledge&type=&mass=&manufacturer_id[]=83&length=&maxcrew=&msrp=& Cylcone CYC “The baseline model of the Cyclone features an open flatbed in the back where cargo pieces can be safely secured … Continued

Charon System Information – Star Citizen

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This page aims to provide a comprehensive source of information about the Charon System. It will be constantly updated over time. Please note we have searched the web for information about this system. This information may also contain speculative or unofficial information. Additionally, some of the description of this system comes from the Jump Point magazine which is available only … Continued

Freelancer vs Cutlass

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VS Should I purchase the Drake Cutlass Black or Misc Freelancer? Perhaps you’re deciding between the Cutlass Black and the Freelancer game package or maybe you’re looking to upgrade your starting ship. Whatever your interests, this article provides a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of both the Cutlass Black from Drake Interplanetary and the MISC Freelancer.   Both … Continued

Star Citizen Director Mode Camera Controls & Bindings

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Star Citizen Camera Controls – Director Mode -> Applies to latest update: Alpha 2.6   For 2.6 CIG released Director Mode  – a mode that allows players to control the camera in Star Citizen independently of the player character. Using Director Mode allows players to take spectacular in game screenshots and video. Here are the controls for Director Mode in … Continued

Star Citizen Release Date Estimates & Historic Dates

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Updated: October 6th 2017 Important Disclaimer About Estimated Release Dates The information in this article can be speculative in nature and because it depends on the schedules of CIG any speculation is purely our own hypothesis and should be taken as opinion. Additionally, this data is subject to change without notice and can be out of date. This information is … Continued

Should I Buy Star Citizen?

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Star Citizen is arguably the most ambitious game in video gaming history. It is the largest Kickstarter video game project to date raising over $140 Million at the time of writing. The crowdfunding record for a video game is based on the trust of backers in Chris Roberts – the creator of Wing Commander, Strike Commander, Wing Commander Privateer and … Continued

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 Loaner Ships

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Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 Loaner Rules Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is not official and is provided as an amalgamation of information found online and is subject to change without notice. Update: 18th Apr’ 2017 The post on Spectrum about Loaner Ships has been updated.    Loaner ships were introduced for players to be able to play in … Continued

Ship Upgrades – Star Citizen Alpha

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Star Citizen Ship Upgrades – Cross Chassis Upgrades In Star Citizen, it is currently possible during the Alpha to upgrade from one ship to another or equal or higher purchase value.   What is a Cross Chassis Upgrade (CCU)? Why will ship upgrades (CCUs) no longer be available? When will ship upgrades (CCUs) stop being available? Can I CCU to … Continued

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